Volkswagen XL Sport Concept Premiere

By | 10/10/2014

The Volkswagen XL Sport had its premiere at this year’s Paris Auto Show. The new concept was absolutely stunning. The coupe is a variation to the famous Volkswagen XL1 hyper-hybrid model, which not only has impressive performance and appearance, but also its fuel economy is incredible. The new model will, of course, be unable to follow the latter when it comes to fuel efficiency, but its performance will be much better. The new model will have a new, futuristic design, which impressed everyone at the 2014 Paris Auto Show. In addition, the Volkswagen XL Sport will not only be good-looking, but also very powerful and dominant. It will use a motorcycle engine, which is a bit unusual, but it should guarantee a unique experience. Also, the new model will ride on the lightweight platform, and its entire body will be made of light materials, so its performance will be boosted up with this as well. But that’s not all that makes this model this special: the new Volkswagen XL Sport is the 200 millionth model made by VW Group. This is truly a record worth celebrating with a treat such as this one.

Volkswagen XL Sport Concept Coupe

Volkswagen XL Sport Body And Aerodynamics

The VW XL Sport will use the body of the XL1 model. The latter is mostly made out of carbon fibers in order to reduce the car’s weight. The new model will be a bit heavier than the XL1, so its total weight will be at 1,962 pounds. This is due to slightly bigger dimensions of the XL Sport. The new model will be 1.6” longer and 7” wider than its hybrid sibling. In addition, the model will also have some elements made out of steel, which contribute to this weight increase, but they also provide better stability, underpinning and steering. Moreover, the Volkswagen XL Sport will have an impressive drag coefficient. It is set at 0.258, which is quite neat. As for the appearance, the new model will look absolutely stunning. Its design is bold, aggressive and modern, and we are sure that no one who sees it will stay indifferent. The new model features a fluent body line, forged magnesium wheels and other fastback style details which simply look stunning together.

VW XL Sport Rear

Ducati Superleggera Engine & Specs

The Volkswagen XL Sport will use a motorcycle engine, borrowed from the Ducati Superleggera bike. It is the two-cylinder unit which will be adjusted to power this car. It will come with a reduction gear, which will reduce the mill’s 11,000 rpm to a number more suitable for a four-wheeler. This 1.2-liter V-twin Superquadro unit generates 197 horsepower, which is a record in the two-cylinder engine world. The unit will be mated to the seven-speed DSG transmission. This powertrain setup will accelerate the VW XL Sport to 62 mph from a standstill in 5.7 seconds, while its top speed will be set at 168 mph.


Volkswagen XL Sport As Production Model?

The Volkswagen XL Sport will have its premiere at the 2014 Paris Auto Show. Though this is just a concept at the moment, there are rumors there will be a production version as well, which will be sold in limited number. Currently, there are no price details.

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