Toyota C-HR Concept Debut — Handsome Futuristic Crossover

By | 09/27/2014

The Toyota C-HR is the new compact crossover from the famous manufacturer. The new model will have its debut at the 2014 Paris Auto Show, on October 2nd next year. The C-HR is a concept which shows us how the future Toyota crossovers will be designed. The details about the new model are scarce at the moment, but after its debut, we should be able to learn more about this attractive vehicle. What we do know at the moment is that it will have an amazing exterior design. The model will be very attractive and a bit unusual. The new crossover will be a two-door crossover with a bold and futuristic appeal. Its design will not resemble the current styling trend from Toyota, and it will differ in body shape from other models in its class. Also, the new crossover will feature numerous details which will make it modern and a bit aggressive, and it will also have some smaller similarities with the current Toyota SUVs, which will be there to honor their long history of success. The Toyota C-HR will not stay a concept only; it should get its production version which will be a more down-to-Earth variant of the new crossover.

Toyota C-HR Concept Crossover

Toyota C-HR Apperance And Style

The new Toyota C-HR will have a stunning appearance. Its bold and futuristic exterior will serve as a base for all future models this class from Toyota. The new crossover will be similar in size with Lexus NX and its body shape will be very aerodynamic and fluent. The body line will also have some sharp edges, making the vehicle look more aggressive. In addition, the new model will feature some interesting styling solutions on its front and rear end. On the front, the Toyota C-HR will look similar to the current crossover models from this family, but its feature will be redone to look more futuristic. The grille will be mildly tuned up and the model will carry over the big air intakes. In addition, the front will also hold a pair of LED headlights and vertical daytime running lights. As for the rear end, the new model will come with taillights of peculiar shape and design for which we may say they are the most interesting surprise in the exterior. This design may not be seen on the production version of the C-HR to the detail, but its unconventional and bold spirit will surely be transmitted.

Toyota C-HR Rear

Hyberid Powertrain Of Toyota C-HR

As for the powertrain, there is still no official information about the possible power setups for the Toyota C-HR. However, some sources claim that the new model will come with a hybrid setup. Even though this fact is known for sure, it is still uncertain what hybrid elements will make the cut. Rumors say that the new C-HR will use the same powerplant as the Lexus NX, since these two models have similar body size. However, this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

C-HR Production Version

More details about the new Toyota C-HR will be available after its debut at the 2014 Paris Auto Show. This show will have the honor to host the concept version of this model, while the production variant could follow a bit after. The new Toyota C-HR will, if it makes it to the production, not look the same as the concept, but it will still be an intriguing and stunning crossover. If not, we will have this concept as a prologue to all future Toyota crossovers, and it will surely be one bright future for the Japanese company.

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