Tesla Model S With Two Motors, AWD And Stunning Performance

By | 10/13/2014

Earlier this month we reported on the teaser set by the Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk. He tweeted the photo below with a very mysterious comment on the upcoming surprise. He then stated that the surprise and the goodies it brings will be unveiled on October 9th, and he did not trick us. After a week or so of guessing, speculating, hoping and wishing on the new treat, the truth has finally been revealed. Let us remind you that when the aforementioned tweet was posted, there were two scenarios which seemed most likely to happen. The first one claimed that Tesla is launching a new model, called the Model D due to the letter D on the roller door (photo below). Unfortunately, this is not going to happen. Instead, the other scenario came to life: the surprise so anxiously awaited actually is a special kind of the Tesla Model S. Don’t be disappointed, though, if you were wishing for something else. The new kind of Model S will be absolutely stunning. Aside from the flawless design and high-tech gadgets, the new model will also come with an all-wheel drive and two motors. The letter D actually stands for dual-motor, as the new Tesla Model S will have additional unit set on the front axle. This motor will power the front wheels, thus enabling the new model to use the all-wheel drive. This is truly fantastic news and an amazing display of power and excellence that the Tesla company possesses. The new Tesla Model S will come in three versions: the 60D, 85D and P85D.

Tesla Model D Teaser | Source: Twitter/@elonmusk

Tesla Model D Teaser | Source: Twitter/@elonmusk

Tesla Model S AWD Features

Like we mentioned before, the letter D in the names of the new Tesla Model S versions stands for the dual-motor feature. The numbers which are a part of the moniker suggest the kind of the battery pack the model is using. Therefore, the 60D and 85D versions will have the same powertrain, but their battery pack will be different. The first one will use a 60-kWh unit, while the second one will use a 80-kWh battery unit. However, the Model S P85D is something special. This trim is so powerful that some sources claim it can easily compete against the 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, which is quite impressive. The P85D model will be one of the most powerful four-door electric sedans ever made. It will sprint to 60 mph from a standstill in 3.2 seconds, which is a 0.5 seconds better result than that of the Hellcat. Other versions of the Model S will not be as impressive, but their result times are not bad either. The Model S 60D will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 5.7 seconds, while the 85D will do the same in 5.2 seconds. This is an excellent result for all three versions, all thanks to the innovative and bold new powertrain setup they will be using.

Powertrain Specs

The Tesla Model S D-versions will have unique powertrain setups. Let’s start with the 60D and 85D versions. These two will use the same motor setup which will provide them with 376 horsepower. The 60D will have a driving range of 225 miles at 65 mph on average, while the 80D will be able to travel for 295 miles between charging. The first model’s maximum speed is set at 125 mph, while the other one can reach 155 mph. The new powertrain setup has not affected the driving range negatively, as you can see, though many feared that would be the case. Au contraire, the AWD has actually improved it. The improvement is not drastic, as it is around 10 miles, but nevertheless, it is an excellent achievement. In addition, the P85D model will use two engines as well, with similar disposition as the two mentioned before. However, its power output will be much higher. With the front engine producing 221 horsepower and the rear unit generating 470 horsepower, we are looking at an electric vehicle with 691 horsepower, which is simply unbelievable. This version of the Tesla Model S will have a top speed set at 155 mph, just like the 85D, while its driving range is around 275 miles.

Autopilot Feature

The Tesla Model S dual-motor versions will come with some more surprises, other than their powertrain. They will also feature the Autopilot system. This system comes with a radar, sensors and camera. With this setup, the new model uses this driver-assistance gadget to more or less travel the highways on its own. It will do so by being able to spot speed-limit signs, other vehicles on the road and similar obstacles using its advanced hardware and then adjust the movement of the car to those conditions. The system will be so advanced that the Tesla CEO, Elon Musk claims that the driver will not even have to keep his/her hands on the steering wheel. On the other hand, in case the driver does wants to get involved in driving, for example, to change the lane, all that he/she should do is switch the turn signal on. The system is new and quite bold, but the manufacturer announced additional updates and tweaking on it.

AWD Tesla Model S Release And Price

The Tesla Model S dual-motors versions should be released by February next year. As for the price, the new models will cost more than the regular Model S with the rear-wheel drive, but if you ask us, the price is quite reasonable. The 60D and 85D versions will cost $4,000 more than the regular model, while the Tesla Model S P85D will cost $14,600 more than the Model S with rear-wheel drive. When you take into consideration the level of advanced technology and development invested in these three marvels, we dare even say they are being under-priced.

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