Tesla Model E Specs

By | 04/10/2014

The Tesla Model E will be presented at the 2015 Detroit Show. This is the third model that this manufacturer has to offer. The new Model E will be of same quality as the other two models, Model S and Model X, but will have a bit less satisfying performance. But don’t be disappointed, this doesn’t mean that the Model E will be bad. Au contraire, it will have a driving range between two charges of 200 miles and it will be as attractive and comfortable as other Tesla models. The story behind this particular model has two parts. The first one is related to its price. The Model E will cost between $35,000 and $40,000, which is not much when you think about the fuel saving, while the other Tesla products are very expensive and out of reach to most of the customers. The other part is the fact that Tesla Company is thinking of expanding its business by opening new factories in Europe and maybe Asia. In order to do this, they need funds, and by selling luxurious, expensive vehicles they just can’t make the ends meet. This is how the idea of Model E was born. Even though there are not many official announcements about this car, let’s take a look at just what we might expect from it.


Tesla Model E Specs And Features

The new Tesla Model E will be a well-built economic and affordable electric vehicle. It will be smaller that the Model S, which is shown on the photos on this webpage. The Model E should be 20% smaller than the Model S. It will also have a smaller battery, but with the shrinkage and weigh loss, it should be enough. The battery that will be used for the Model E is a 48kWh one. It should be able to provide the driver with a 200 miles long journey. This is the most optimistic estimations, as others claim it will have a driving range of 186 miles or even less, down to 150 miles. Unfortunately, there aren’t any official data on this matter, so we will have to wait a bit more until we can say for sure just how efficient this battery will be. The fact that we shouldn’t forget is that this is an affordable vehicle, so some cut had to be made in order to achieve that. If you are seeking for a superb performance, buy a Model S. But if you love Tesla’s cars, but don’t have be pocket deep enough, we are sure that whatever the Tesla Model E offers, it will be enough to ensure safe, comfortable and most importantly, long drive. Of course, the new Model E will have access to Tesla Supercharger network, as any other Tesla model does.


Tesla Model E Premiere And Release

Tesla Model E will be presented at the Detroit Auto Show in 2015. But, before that, we should expect the Model X to appear first. The Model X is a crossover whose first appearance in public has been delayed several times. Now, there are big plans waiting to be fulfilled next year. As for the price, the Tesla Model E should cost between $35,000 and $40,000, like we said, while the Model X will be quite more expensive. As for the release date for Model E, the official information is that it won’t happen later than 2017. With this in mind, we are sure that the manufacturer will have enough time to make an affordable, yet fantastic electric vehicle that will be an equal competition to any other sedan.  AS for the Chinese market, the Tesla vehicle will be named Tousule, which is a transliteration for “Tesla”, as they can’t register their name due to some legal issues.

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