Is There Tesla Model D?

By | 10/06/2014

For the past few days, the automotive public has been talking about one thing only: the mysterious announcement of a new Tesla model. It all started when the Tesla CEO, Elon Musk posted a tweet with the photo shown below. Since then no one has talked about anything less rather than what this photo might be depicting. Some say that it must be showing an all-new Tesla model, which was developed in complete secrecy, though no one of those believers could assume what it will be like. The same group finds the arguments in such opinion in the huge letter D on the roller door which is blocking our view of the EV. According to them, this can only mean it will be the new model called simply the Tesla Model D. others, who are more skeptic of such opinion, think it could be a redesign of a current model, though they cannot explain the letter on the door. In their view, a company such as this one should know better marketing for presenting an all-new model. But on the other hand, isn’t this tweet the textbook of perfect marketing? We won’t know for sure until October, 9th when the CEO said he will shed some light on this otherwise blurred and dark image.

Tesla Model D Teaser | Source: Twitter/@elonmusk

Tesla Model D Teaser | Source: Twitter/@elonmusk

What Could It Be?

The aforementioned tweet, which brought up all this fuss, is mostly believed to represent an unofficial announcement of a brand new model, which will be called the Tesla Model D. Whether or not this is true, it does seem like the most probable scenario at this moment. If you take a little bit closer look on the model shown on the photo, you will notice some details. Firstly, the new model seems to be wider than the 2017 Tesla Model 3, which was announced earlier this year. Also, the styling details on this model differ from the design which will most likely be used for the Model III. In addition, those design cues resemble more to the Tesla Model S, but the mystery car is too small to be this beloved model. However, there are those who claim that the letter D on the roller door refers to the new highest-level technology package which is prepared to improve the Model S. the latter is said to receive a serious redesign, from new gadgets, over new design, all the way up to a new powertrain parts. Reportedly, the new Model S will have a new 110-kWh battery pack, which will surely improve its performance, and thus the ranking in the market segment.

The exact words that followed this photo were: “About time to unveil the D and something else.” What exactly did Mr. Musk mean by that is left to be found out in a week. Until then, we are left with only speculations, and perhaps dreams, of what the D really stands for. No matter the correct answer, we are sure that the Tesla will not leave us disappointed.

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