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Chevrolet Bolt EV Concept Revealed: 200-mile-range EV Going into Production in 2016

 The Chevrolet Bolt EV Concept debuted at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. The subcompact electric car brought up numerous rumors, speculations and disputes as it was announced as a rather revolutionary model. Reportedly, the concept will get its production version in late 2016, and the new hatch will be really impressive. The concept itself came… Read More »

New Kia e-AWD Concept to Debut at 2015 Chicago Auto Show

 According to the latest news, Kia is going to present an all-new concept at the upcoming 2015 Chicago Auto Show. Although the information about it is scarce, the manufacturer has released a teaser image and only some superficial info to keep us at the tip of our toes. The company has improved its status in… Read More »

2017 Chevrolet Sonic EV — New Green Chevy

 There are numerous rumors roaming around the internet lately about the new electric vehicle developed by GMC. Though this hasn’t been confirmed yet, there are some indications that this might be true. The green market is expanding quite rapidly, so such a serious and big auto manufacturer must work on this field and offer richer palette… Read More »

2018 Tesla Roadster Announcement — Incredible Features

 The 2018 Tesla Roadster will most likely be released in the 2017. The new model will represent the second generation of this famous electric vehicle. The Roadster was actually the very first Tesla electric car, and it was a great success back in 2008 when it was released. Sadly, the model was discontinued in 2012.… Read More »

2017 Ford Focus Redesign

 The 2017 Ford Focus will be a fully redesigned new generation of the popular hatchback. The 2015 model has been presented just few months ago at the Geneva Auto Show, with slightly upgraded interior and exterior and a new engine, and already the manufacturer is developing a new one. The 2017 model will have a… Read More »

2015 Nissan LEAF Updates And New Features

 The 2015 Nissan LEAF is a hybrid with nice specs, decent equipment and very appealing appearance. The new model will differ its predecessor in some small details, but we can say that this redesign will bring big or significant changes. The new model will keep its former look, which is very distinctive and attractive, and… Read More »