Suzuki iV-4 Concept Brings Out Future Suzuki Plans

By | 06/09/2014

The Suzuki iV-4 concept had its premiere at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show. The new concept will be used for all future Suzuki models. The focus of their work will take small, compact crossover such as the one previewing it in Frankfurt. The model was presented in bright blue color which was supposed to look as the sky that reflects on skyscrapers. The name is suggesting two its most important features: the i stands for “individuality”, meaning that this car is very customizable and that it can be personalized according to the buyer’s taste, while the small letter is borrowed from the Apple’s nametags, while the number for as a suffix suggest that the vehicle (hence the V) will have a four-wheel drive. In addition, the 4WD that will feature the new iV-4 concept models is a special Allgrip mode that has excellent performance even on the toughest terrains. Also, the performance will be followed with modern and stylish exterior and a fully-equipped cabin that will lack in no taste. The new iV-4 will have the same powertrain as the Suzuki SX4 and even though it is planned for Europe, Asia and Australia, the new models based on this concept might be available in USA, after many years of not claiming their part of the market across the pond.


Suzuki iV-4 Exterior Design

The new Suzuki iV-4 will have an excellent exterior design. The compact and not too big crossover will look intense, futuristic and fun. The vehicle will keep the famous grille that looks like the one on the Grand Cherokee and it will add it a new pair of LED headlights, so the car will look powerful and modern. In addition, the body lines will be very sleek and fluent, though the model will look more masculine and rough. The new model will also have a new platform designed for the four-wheel drive mode and with the dimensions that put this crossover somewhere between the Nissan Juke and Dacia Duster. The new Suzuki iV-4 will be 166 inches long, 73 inches wide and 65 inches tall.


Powertrain Of Suzuki iV-4

The Suzuki iV-4 concept will use the same powertrain as the Suzuki SX4. This means that the base engine will be a 1.6-liter gas unit, while the other “greener” option will be a 1.6-liter DDiS turbodiesel engine. In addition, there are some speculations about some more powerful powertrains offered since the car will have a four-wheel drive meant for any road condition. These additional options could be both gas and engine, but we will have to wait for the arrival of the first model based on this concept to see whether this is true or false. The 4WD will be a standard and there is a possibility of a hybrid powertrain as well.

Suzuki iV-4 Premiere And Release

The first crossover to use the Suzuki iV-4 concept will have its premiere at the Paris Motor Show this year. Its release should happen sometime during the next year. As for the USA market, there is no official information that it will be released there, but we are keeping our fingers crossed. The model will surely be released in Europe first. 

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