New Scion Crossover?

By | 10/22/2014

Lately there have been a lot of rumors about the possible new Scion model. Although there is no firm evidence to support this theory, many automotive enthusiasts believe it may be true. The reason to such opinion lays the fact that the Scion is not doing quite well on the market. Somehow it seems as though the audience is simply not interested in them, as if they do not see the Scion’s models. However, that all might end soon, since there are rumors about the brand new crossover from this Toyota brand. The new model would actually broaden the brand’s playground, and even though that particular market segment is quite though, there would surely be enough place for one more player. The crossover market is highly popular these days that it is strange why the Scion didn’t think of this move before. Currently, there is not much information about the new crossover, at least no official one, but there are a lot of speculations and rumors from semi-reliable sources. Judging by them, we might be able to figure out what the Scion might be cooking. Even though they announced that there will be no new models in the next several years, the year of 2018 might just be an exception.

2013 Scion xB

Scion xB

What Will It Look Like?

The information about the possible new Scion crossover is scarce, but there are some leaks and clues. According to some sources, the new model will probably inherit the current design language. Of course, since the model should be released in 2017, its appearance will be in accordance to the 2017 taste and style. That means that the new crossover will be an interesting, striking and a bit unusual model, as most Scion vehicles are. The new crossover will not be a full-size, robust, off-road SUV. Instead, it will be an urban and modern versatile vehicle. In addition, there are some rumors about the possible platform. One claim that the new crossover will use the same platform that is used for the Toyota Corolla and Toyota Auris. This platform will, of course, be adjusted to fit the crossover’s body if it does get chosen. Others claim that the new model might use a brand new platform, which would be developed for the purposes of future Toyota and Scion models. It is highly unlikely that they will develop one especially for this crossover. Currently, there are no rumors about the interior or possible equipment level.

Possible Powertrain Options

As for the powertrain, the bits of information are small and rare. There are some rumors about the possible engine options, but none of them have been confirmed. The first rumored option is the current Corolla’s engine, while other sources claim that the new crossover will surely come with more engine options. Others, however, go as far to believe that the new model will come with Toyota’s famous D-4D diesel unit. However, we find this to be highly unlikely. This crossover is meant to improve the Scion’s sales, as since diesel engines are not quite attractive to the USA buyers, we don’t think the mill will be used for the new crossover. After all, the Scion brand is invented solely for the North American market and as such, its offer must fulfill the North American demands. One thing is known for sure, though, about the new model. It will surely come with an all-wheel drive.

Will Scion Crossover Be Actually Made?

The Scion crossover is still just a rumor. Whether or not it will be produced remains to be seen. If the rumors about it are true, the release date is still unknown. Some sources say it might be released in 2016 or 2017, though the most probable scenario sets its release in late 2017 or 2018. We truly hope that there will be a new CUV to expand the Scion’s family, as such member would surely make a big difference for the manufacturer, and the buyers as well.

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