New Kia e-AWD Concept to Debut at 2015 Chicago Auto Show

By | 02/03/2015

According to the latest news, Kia is going to present an all-new concept at the upcoming 2015 Chicago Auto Show. Although the information about it is scarce, the manufacturer has released a teaser image and only some superficial info to keep us at the tip of our toes. The company has improved its status in the automotive industry quite immensely over the last decade, especially on the American soil. Their sales have been over the roof, and their models are getting more and more popular. To be honest, they do offer a fantastic bargain: quality, versatile and attractive vehicles at an affordable price. Someone might think that they are satisfied with their success, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The Kia has now decided to try its luck even more in the all-electric vehicle compartment. The new Kia e-AWD concept, as it is currently called, will debut soon, at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show. Here is what we know about it so far.

What is Kia e-AWD Concept About?

The information about the new model couldn’t be more obscure. All we know about the new Kia e-AWD Concept at the moment is how its front end will look like (take a look at the teaser  image below), that it is an electric vehicle and that it will come with “off-road capabilities”. In addition, the manufacturer hinted that this new model could be an electric iteration of their most famous model, though they haven’t refined which model they are talking about. As you can see, Kia is trying its best to stay mysterious and we must say its plan is working. We are dying to find out more about the new model – aren’t you?

Soul Concept e-AWD CUV 2015 Chicago Auto Show

Teaser Image

Is That Kia Soul?

According to some sources, the new Kia e-AWD Concept is actually based on the famous Kia Soul. Most car enthusiasts came to the same conclusion after seeing the teaser image. Here you can see that the overall design of the new e-AWD Concept resembles the current Kia exterior, though the new model will probably have different shape and body dimensions. It is most likely that the Kia e-AWD Concept will be a CUV, or at least a crossover. As for the exterior presented clear, if you take a look at the headlights, hood and bumper, you will see that they are almost identical to those seen on the latest Kia Soul.

Possible Specs

Judging by the most common impression among the sources, the new Kia e-AWD will probably be an electric-all-wheel drive Kia Soul. The manufacturer might decide to change its name, since it already offers one Kia Soul EV. However, the new crossover, or CUV, could be quite impressive. The manufacturer said that they are aiming at making an urban model with off-road capabilities, which will come with decent powertrain. In addition, it will surely offer numerous technological advancements and a modern and powerful design. The new Kia e-AWD Concept will certainly come with an electric all-wheel drive powertrain, though other specs are unknown at the moment. Just as a reference, the current Kia Soul EV uses a 108 horsepower electric motor with front-wheel drive and lithium-ion battery pack which is good for 150 miles when fully charged. The manufacturer might use this or an improved powertrain setup with an AWD.

More Info Soon

The Kia e-AWD Concept will be unveiled at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show. More information will be available after its debut on February 12th.

Photos: Kia Motors America

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