Lincoln Continental Concept to Get Into Production Next Year; Specs & Rumors

By | 04/11/2015

The 2015 New York Auto Show was a really busy and exciting place for all car enthusiasts, offering a wide array of premieres for cars of all sorts. We believe everyone who visited left the site completely satisfied. Also, we believe no visitor managed not to notice the new Lincoln Continental Concept, which had its very first appearance on this auto show. The new concept represents a full-size, top of the notch sedan. It is the newest concept developed by the famous car manufacturer, and it is said it will soon get its very own production counterpart. The 2017 Lincoln Continental Concept will most likely be released next year, and it will be one of the most luxurious and most impressive models on the market. As we could see on the concept displayed at the 2015 NYIAS, the Lincoln Continental will offer superb design, outstanding interior and exclusive powertrain setup. It will not lack in, well, anything, not in power, not in style, and most certainly not in equipment. In fact, it will be hard to find any flaws on it – and that’s exactly what the manufacturer is aiming for.

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According to the manufacturer, the new Lincoln Continental Concept will soon be put into production. There are numerous interesting facts about the future sedan. To start with, it will replace the famous Lincoln MKS model, which means it really must be astonishing if it wants to take over such a responsibility. In addition, it will come with a unique exterior design and specific underpinning. The interior of the model will, of course, feature only the highest quality materials and it will come with a cabin packed-full of technology. More importantly, though, the Lincoln Continental Concept is powered with a unique V6 engine which will, at least for now, stay exclusive to this model.

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Lincoln Continental Concept Exterior Design

The new Lincoln Continental Concept looks amazing. The exterior design is brand-new, meaning the new luxury sedan will not be as similar to its predecessor as one might have expected. Even though the new and the last generation of the Continental share the same history, the new model will represent a new page in their lives. It will be much more modern and attractive than the current one.  To be honest, it’s been awhile since the last Lincoln Continental redesign and it would be really hard to make the new model look futuristic and new and be similar to the current counterpart at the same time.

Lincoln Continental Concept Exterior Features 640x494

The manufacturer stated that though the new model will feature a brand-new exterior design, it will keep the elegance and beauty of its predecessor. And truly, the new Lincoln Continental Concept is sophisticated, elegant and unique. Its sleek lines and aerodynamic shape give it a dominant stance, while the details and parts are more menacing and aggressive than before. The front fascia is similar to the current one, though it comes with new and specific details. It will feature a new shiny grille and big fog lights. The air intakes will also be larger than before, while the headlights get a special matrix LED treatment. At the rear end, the new sedan features a full-width taillights. The new Lincoln Continental Concept is painted in Rhapsody Blue metallic paint.

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The exterior design is finished with a 21-inch alloy wheels and E-Latch handles hidden in the overall shape.

The Lincoln Continental Concept will get its production counterpart. However, the future 2017 Continental might not look exactly the same as the concept version. It is common for the production cars to be a bit more modest than the concept ones, but we have no worries whatsoever when it comes to this sedan. It will certainly stay as impressive as it is now.

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Interior Features & Design

The Lincoln Continental Concept also comes with an impressive interior design. The new cabin is also painted in blue, which really subtle darker stitching and elegant details. The sedan features only the highest quality materials, including leather seats and door panels, Alcantara armrests and seat inserts, satin and wool details and Rose Gold and bright chrome parts. It is clear that the manufacturer wants to offer the best possible interior thus providing their buyers with a lifetime experience.

Lincoln Continental Concept Interior Detail 640x427

The new Lincoln Continental Concept will offer more than just pretty interior, though. The drive in this fascinating sedan will be extremely comfortable thanks to some rather high-end parts. To start with, there are all-new 30-way seats which will provide superb support. The sunroof is made out of a special SPD SmartGlass which can block 99 percent of UV rays, and the noise reduction is rather impressive.

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Technology & Gadgets

The Lincoln Continental Concept will feature the newest MyLincoln Touch infotainment system, as well as the Revel Ultima audio system and similar advanced gadgets. Moreover, there will be some exclusive and posh parts, like the champagne compartment.

Lincoln Continental Concept Rear End 640x385

Powertrain Setup

The new Lincoln Continental Concept will be powered by a 3.0-liter V6 EcoBoost  engine. The new unit will feature the newest Lincoln Drive Control and Adaptive Steering systems, so it should provide superb performance. The exact power output is currently unknown, as well as other specifics. The new sedan is rumored to come with an all-wheel drive mode, though this isn’t confirmed yet.

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Release Date

The Lincoln Continental Concept will get its production counterpart next year. The sedan will most likely be a 2017 model, so we should know more about it during this year.

Photos: Lincoln Motor Company

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