Lexus Teaser Photo Released: Possible Lexus LS design

By | 10/22/2015

The upcoming 2015 Tokyo Motor Show is going to be a really busy and exciting place for all the true car enthusiasts. The show starts on 28th October, so there isn’t much time left until the unveiling of some of the model which will debut there. However, is seems that the Lexus is too anxious to see the reactions of their fans on their new design. That’s why they decided to release a teaser image ahead of the speculated premiere of the future Lexus LS sedan concept. The new concept should debut in Tokyo, but its showing hasn’t been confirmed yet. Instead, all we have is the photo below and not too many descriptions to go along. The new Lexus LS sedan should become the new flagship for the company as it redesign is dedicated to a 25th anniversary of Toyota entering in the luxury league with the famous Lexus LS400. Therefore, the new model is widely speculated and anticipated. The Lexus LS details, on the other hand, are still unknown. That’s why such a simple photo as this one rose so much dust – even the smallest hints about the new model are more than welcome.

Lexus LS Teaser Image

Lexus LS Possible Future Design

The teaser image presented here only shows one headlight. The aggressive and dynamic lines suggest the future design language the Lexus will take on. The manufacturer itself said little about the photo. They only stated it presents “Lexus’ future vision of ‘progressive luxury’”. The triple-L design and sharp, clean details are really attractive. If this is the way the new Lexus LS sedan is going to be designed, we simply cannot wait for its arrival then!

Lexus LS Sedan Concept Premiere

The Lexus LS Sedan Concept was supposed to debut at the upcoming 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. However, the plans got changed and the new model isn’t expected to debut there anymore. However, since this photo has been released, many sources think the new Lexus LS Sedan Concept might actually be presented next week. That would be a huge surprise and, let’s be honest, excellent move from Lexus.

The production version of the Lexus LS sedan should be released in a year. The new model will come with superb performance, upgraded, poweful engines and might even offer a hybrid setup. Since the new model is going to be the new Lexus flagship, have no doubt in its future dominance.

Photos: Toyota Motor Sales, USA

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