Land Rover Range Rover EV — Will There Be Electric Range Rover?

By | 11/21/2014

Recently, there were a lot of rumors about the possible new model on the electric vehicle market. Though this hasn’t been confirmed yet, it seems that the Land Rover has decided to try its luck in this market niche. According to some sources, they decided to release nothing less than the Range Rover EV. This news sounds incredible, to say the least. To start with, this would be the first EV model this manufacturer has produced. Since their experience in developing an electric vehicle isn’t very big (it’s actually non-existent), it will be interesting to see how much they can accomplish and how good they are at taking on new technologies. The Range Rover is a famous, almost legendary SUV and we doubt that they would compromise its popularity by conducting an expensive experiment in which outcome they are sure of. Also, the current EV market has its favorite, especially in the USA. It is the Tesla Model S. The latter comes with brilliant performance, so if the Land Rover wants to complete with it, it must make its model at least equally as good as the Tesla’s. This would be a difficult task for any manufacturer, but we trust the Range Rover not to let us down.

Land Rover Range Rover SVR Can Be Compared With Range Rover EV

Range Rover SVR

Land Rover Range Rover EV Development

It is still uncertain whether or not the Land Rover will try to make an electric Range Rover, or if the model is already in development. However, if they do decide to make an EV Range Rover, its exterior must be altered to some extent. These changes will not be radical, but they will be noticeable. The Range Rover is a big, rough SUV; its appearance is intimidating and fierce. However, in order to be powered by battery packs, it must have a more fluent shape. The designers will probably try to make the new EV model look more aerodynamic, so its performance would be the best possible. The new model might, therefore, lose a bit of its robust and aggressive feel, but we wouldn’t worry about that. It will only make it look more refined and smooth, and we are sure that such changes would only enhance its charm and character. Of course, it is impossible to say at the moment what the new model would look like, since we don’t even know will it be produced, but its exterior should keep its resemblance to the current one. Aside from the aerodynamic improvements, there might be some small changes in details which would make the new SUV more modern, but the general feel would still be kept.

Land Rover Range Rover SVR on the Track

Range Rover SVR

Performance of Electric Powertrain

Some of the rare and scarce rumors about the new Land Rover Range Rover EV concern its performance. Reportedly, the new SUV will use its current platform and it will borrow some technological solutions and ideas from the Jaguar C-X17 concept. The biggest problem with the new SUV would be its fuel efficiency; that’s why the manufacturer is relying on such technologies. The aforementioned platform is light and has proven to be an excellent choice, while there is really no need to discuss any tech that comes with a Jag. However, the lack of previous manufacturer’s experience is developing an electric vehicle could cause it some troubles. There is an array of issues that come with EVs only, and whose solutions are hard to find. The fuel efficiency is just one of them. Another one is having a big, luxurious and dominant model, such as Range Rover, run only on electric power. Also, it can’t only be powered with electrics; it also must provide impressive performance in order to have any chance on the market. Like we mentioned before, the EV market segment is ruled by the Tesla models, whose performance is really stunning. It will be a challenge for the Land Rover to compete against it unless it offers an equal amount of luxury, power and fun.

Land Rover Range Rover EV Will Have Some Common Exterior Details With Range Rover SVR

Range Rover SVR

Range Rover EV Release Speculations

Everything about the new Land Rover Range Rover EV is still kept as a secret. However, if they do make it, it will surely be as impressive as its conventional counterpart. That means it will come with the same level of luxury, comfort and entertainment as its predecessor, but only with the advantage of an electric drive. As for the price, it is impossible to make any assumptions at the moment, when there is so little known about the new SUV. However, some sources claim that the new Range Rover EV will come as quite expensive. In our opinion, we should rush with conclusions, and we should wait for more solid information.

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