Infiniti QX30 Concept — Take a Look at New Crossover Just Few Days Ahead of 2015 NYIAS Debut

By | 03/31/2015

The new Infiniti QX30 Concept has already debuted at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, where it stole almost all the spotlight from other compact models. However, this premiere was for the European’s buyers, which means the North American debut has yet to happen. And where else could the new concept show what it’s got other than the 2015 New York Auto Show? With just a few days left until the start date for the one of the largest car shows in the world, we bring you some details which will come with the new QX30. The new Infiniti QX30 Concept represents a modern, urban and attractive crossover. It was designed to attract young and adventurous buyers by offering them a unique style as well as exciting performance. The new CUV is also a sort of an entry-level model for the Infiniti, but it doesn’t compromise their level of luxury, excellence and quality. We are looking forward to seeing it on the streets as it will surely be a really popular option once it hits the market.

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New & Bold Exterior Design

As you probably already know, the concept models usually look much more aggressive and futuristic than their production counterparts ever will.  Therefore, the new Infiniti QX30 Concept can only be used as a starting point in figuring out how the new model will look like once it is released. The concept is really bold; it’s got sharp and edgy shape, sports details and a very aggressive front fascia. It was imagined as a crossover version of the popular Infiniti Q30, so some of its part might seem familiar to it. However, this will not be a dull model whatsoever. It was imagined as a very urban and unique model, and its exterior design is exactly that. Though the production version might not look the same as the concept, it will surely keep its character intact.

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As for some other details, it is really difficult to say which of the parts will be used for the production version of the future Infiniti QX30, and which won’t. However, there are some speculations. The basic shape and dimensions of the Infiniti QX30 Concept will surely be kept, as well as the C-pillar and probably the grille design, while the concept’s 21-inch wheels are likely not to be used for the upcoming production crossover. Nevertheless, expect the new model to look just as aggressive and sporty as the new Infiniti QX30 Concept and to be as unique and impressive as the concept is.

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Infiniti QX30 Concept Interior Design & Features

If you do like how the new Infiniti QX30 Concept looks from the outside, then you are surely going to love the way its interior looks like. The new crossover comes with a really impressive cabin. Everything inside the new model is amazing – from the quality of the materials used, to technology gadgets offered all the way up to the overall design. The new QX30 Concept is really well-equipped. Since this is a luxurious crossover, it comes with only the highest quality materials. They are all perfectly combined and applied, so the cabin looks modern and posh. In addition, the designers really outdid themselves with this interior. The new cabin is modern and sporty, but you can still see its resemblance to other Infiniti cabin designs. This subtle connection between the current designs and the future one is sophisticated and impressive. Also, the interior design of the Infiniti QX30 Concept isn’t too aggressive or too packed up – this is a cabin you could actually feel really comfortable in.

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Speaking of comfort, the Infiniti QX30 Concept offers a lot of technology gadgets which should enhance this feeling even more. Though there is still no official information regarding the list of systems the new luxury crossover will feature, expect it to be loaded with only the latest-tech systems. At this point, we do know the new model will use Infiniti MyTouch technology, which will help the driver to enjoy its trip while at the same time keep them connected to their digital world.

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Infiniti QX30 Concept Powertrain Rumors

The new Infiniti QX30 Concept’s powertrain is still unknown. However, there are some rumors about it. Of course, the engine choices will vary depending on the specific markets, but some sources believe that the Infiniti will offer both gasoline and diesel units. If this happens to be true, the American market will probably get only one diesel engine and at least two gasoline units offered. This way the manufacturer will have better chances of offering something for everyone’s taste – one diesel unit for those who prefer this type of mills, one entry level gasoline unit with decent performance and one upgraded, more powerful and more exciting gasoline mill for those who care only about performance.

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The Infiniti QX30 Concept comes with an all-wheel drive and is meant for both the streets and off-road adventures. However, its off-road capabilities are still unknown, which makes many of the car enthusiasts doubt its power. True, the model will feature a higher ground clearance than the Infiniti Q30 and all the necessary off-road systems, but that still hasn’t convinced the most skeptic buyers. Since the manufacturer didn’t say anything about the model’s performance, on the road or off of it, it is really difficult to predict its capabilities. Whether or not this is a crossover that only looks like an off-road beast, or it really has something to offer in this field will be known after the production model’s debut.

Infiniti QX30 Concept Exterior 640x427

Premiere & Production Counterpart

The Infiniti QX30 Concept already debuted in Europe, at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. Its North American premiere will take place at the upcoming 2015 NY Auto Show. As for the production model, the manufacturer announced that the new crossover will be released next year, most likely as a 2017 model. More details on the pricing and powertrain specs should be announced ahead of the release.

Photos: Infiniti Motor Company

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