Hyundai Subcompact CUV — Big Plans For Small Crossover

By | 10/25/2014

Lately, there were numerous rumors about the possible all-new Hyundai subcompact CUV. Although there are no official reports which confirm this idea, there aren’t any that contradict it either. Also, many of the semi-reliable sources are pretty confident that the new CUV will be released. The reasons to such belief lay it the fact that the subcompact CUV market is growing rapidly, and it would be foolish of the Hyundai not to try and claim a piece of it for itself. The new model, if it gets released, will come with numerous surprises. The most obvious one will be its design. Though the Hyundai has a well-established, modern and well-perceived design language, the rumors claim that the new CUV will have a new and radical appearance. Though its looks will resemble the current Hyundai line, it will be completely different at the same time. Its appearance will be bold, unique and fearless. This way it will certainly attract many buyers to consider the new model as their choice. At the moment, however, there is not much information about it, but we are confident that soon we will know more about the all-new Hyundai subcompact crossover.

Hyundai Intrado Concept As Base For New Hyundai Subcompact CUV

Hyundai Intrado Concept

New, Attractive And Modern Appearance

The all-new Hyundai subcompact CUV will have a completely unique and interesting appearance. The new model is mostly made for young and urban buyers. That’s why its looks are so important: this particular market segment is very demanding when it comes to style and attitude. All of the subcompact CUVs are modern, aggressive and bold, and they seek for an owner with similar traits. This new Hyundai model will surely fulfill all the requirements to enter this design league: its appearance will be quite something. The new model will not resemble any other Hyundai SUV; au contraire, its exterior will probably be based on the Intrado Concept, which had its debut at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show.

Hyundai Intrado Concept Rear

Hyundai Intrado Concept

Intrado Concept As Base For Production Hyundai Subcompact CUV

The Intrado Concept has a really interesting appearance. The new concept features narrow and sharp headlights, big wheels and aggressive style. Its overall design is quite modern and bold, while its body shape is angular, unique and aerodynamic. The whole exterior feels very fierce and aggressive. There is no doubt that such design seeks for an adventurous and bold driver which has the guts to try something new and attractive. Of course, the new production model will not look exactly like the concept version. It is common in the automotive industry for production models to look more subtle and conventional than the concept models they are based on. However, the general idea and style will be kept, so we are in for a treat once this subcompact crossover is released. The new model will probably be underpinned by the same platform as the Hyundai ix25.

When Upcoming Hyundai Subcompact CUV Can Be Expected?

The Hyundai compact SUV would round up the offer for this segment from this famous manufacturer. However, the new model will not be released before 2017. Until then, we will have to rely on rumors and good faith that the new model will be released and impressive as we expect. If Hyundai wants to win a piece of the ever-growing market, they will have to invest a lot of time and effort in making it as this particular market segment does not forgive mistakes.

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