Honda Civic Type R — All-New Performance Hatchback

By | 02/16/2015

The all-new Honda Civic Type R is almost here. This popular performance hatchback will debut at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, which will also host some other Honda premieres, such as new Jazz, HR-V and Honda NSX. As you can see, the Geneva show will be a busy place for Honda fans. However, all the aforementioned premieres aside, we must say that the new Civic Type R is the most interesting and exciting model for us. The hatchback was announced a year and a half year ago, and we are more than anxious to finally see it. The manufacturer has released a few teaser images to the audience before the debut, as well as some info about the new model. According to them, the new Honda Civic Type R will come with a stunning and aggressive appearance, sporty interior and simply awesome performance. Although not all the details about the new model are known at the moment, the information we have at this point is more than enough to conclude that the new Civic Type R is aiming for the first place in its market niche. Since its competition is really fierce, you can only imagine how quality and impressive it must be to achieve this goal. Sadly, there is one bad side to all this. The new Honda Civic Type R won’t be available in the USA, though we do hope Honda will offer something similar to this here as well.

Honda Civic Type R

Honda Civic Type R Teaser Image – Front End


Platform Speculations

The new Honda Civic Type R is said to come with new underpinning. In fact, the manufacturer has announced that the new platform is improved to such extent it will provide the most impressive performance ever seen. The new underpinning should be more sturdy and a better support to the vehicle, but it will also improve steering, precision and responsiveness.

Glimpse at Exterior & Interior Design

The Honda Civic Type R will come with an impressive performance. At the 2015 Geneva Motor Show it will be painted in the Championship White which will enhance its racing spirit even more. The model resembles the regular Civic, of course, because the latter was used as a base for the new design, but also comes with much more attitude and boldness. Almost all the changes which come with the exterior of the new hatchback improve the model’s performance. The Civic Type R features a flat underbody, huge rear wing, big front splitters and deep side skirts. All these elements improve the model’s aerodynamics, thus allowing it to maximize its performance. The car is also really good looking – the aforementioned changes make it look really dominant and aggressive; it looks like a fierce competition on the road it actually is. The designers also implemented some smaller tweaks which are purely cosmetic, so the overall design is bold, modern and really attractive. As for the interior, the new Honda Civic Type R comes with a bold and futuristic cabin with red and black elements as well as red-glowing instruments.

Honda Civic Type R Dashboard

Honda Civic Type R Teaser Image – Dashboard


Honda Civic Type R Powertrain Setup

The new Honda Civic Type R will be powered by a direct injected 2.0-liter VTEC TURBO four-cylinder engine (where the VTEC stands for Variable Timing and Lift Electronic Control), which was announced some time ago. Although the exact specification of this unit is unknown at the time, the manufacturer claims that the mill is so powerful it can race the model at the top speed of 167 mph. This is an excellent trait for a hatchback. Other details regarding powertrain will be known after the debut.

Honda Civic Type R Wheel

Honda Civic Type R Teaser Image – Wheel


Should We Expect to See Honda Civic Type R in USA?

The Honda Civic Type R will debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. It should be released in Europe shortly after that. With manufacturer claiming that this model will be the most impressive Honda Civic Type R ever build, you can only imagine just how wicked and powerful it could be. However, the Honda didn’t say if the hatchback will be available on the USA market as well. While some sources think we shouldn’t hope too much, others are more optimistic. Reportedly, the new Honda Civic Type R was spotted testing in Ohio, which gives us hope that the new model might eventually come to our playground as well.

Photos: Honda Motor Europe


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