Audi A9 Concept — Sneak Peek Into Automotive Future

By | 07/01/2014

The Audi A9 concept represents the top-notch model from the famous automaker. With this we don’t mean that the model is just fast, luxurious or well-equipped, the A9 is the masterpiece of design, a new level in the automotive industry and a completely different thing from anything you’ve seen before. The A9 was designed by Daniel Garcia, a famous designer who drew his inspiration for this model from the Santiago Calatrava and Felix Candela’s work of art, the City of Arts and Science in Valencia. Inspired by a masterpiece, the A9 represents one as well. The design is so extravagant and out of the lines of the already-seen that it seems almost fictional. The name was first mentioned a couple of years ago when this idea was born, but up until now it remained a fiction. The rumors, however, say that the new model might get a production version next year as a 2016 model. We are keeping our fingers crossed as we are more than anxious to see just how good the A9 would be outside the borders of ideas, imagination and paper.

Audi A9 side

Place Of Audi A9 Within Its Market Niche

The name Audi A9 was registered a year ago, as well as the S9. This proves that the manufacturer has serious intentions when it comes to developing this model. The new A9 should use the modular building block platform, tagged as MSB, which also underpins other models from Lamborgini, Bentley and Porsche. The model is said to be designed following the basic lines in the current Audi Sportback concept, but it will bring it to a whole new level. The design is modern, bold and extravagant. The A9 is designed with a one-piece roof and windscreen, made out of nanotechnology materials whose production is still undeveloped.

Audi A9 interior

Audi’s Superb Modern Technology

The aforementioned nanotechnology should be capable of auto-repairing when damaged. Also, it could change opacity and color of the vehicle which the driver will control with the push of a button. Needless to say it will be more than well-equipped, with the latest-technology gadgets and high-quality materials. The concept is imagined to be using an internal-combustion engine paired with four electric motors attached to its wheels.

Audi A9 rear

Production Audi A9 Comes With 3.0-liter TFSI & 500-horsepower V8

The Audi A9 production model will have a slightly different powertrain, though. The new model will use a 3.0-liter TFSI engine that generates around 300 horsepower and a V8 engine with the power output of 500 horsepower. In addition, it will offer a hybrid powertrain, too, which will consist of one gasoline engine and an electric motor that can together generate around 500 horsepower. Some sources claim that the new model will offer both rear-wheel and four-wheel drive since the platform it uses allows it to, while the possible transmission is still unknown.

Audi A9’s Body Types And Estimated Price

The Audi A9 production model will be offered as a coupe, sedan and convertible. The premiere should happen sometime next year, while the model is most likely to be released either by the end of 2015 or during 2016, while it will almost certainly represent a 2016 model. As for the price, estimations say that the coupe and convertible entry levels should cost around $100,000, while the sedan will raise the bar to $150,000.

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