2018 Honda CR-Z — Speculated Redesign to Completely Change How We See This Coupe

By | 03/22/2015

The 2018 Honda CR-Z is rumored to come as a huge surprise in three years. The current sports coupe is not a very successful model on the market, but the 2018 model might change that. Though there are no official announcements about the 2018 redesign, many of the sources and car enthusiasts are certain it will happen. The current CR-Z is far from being an attractive and performance-oriented model. To start with, its design is a bit outdated and plus it is powered by a lethargic hybrid powertrain. However, according to the rumors and some semi-reliable sources, the 2018 Honda CR-Z will be a much more appealing and adventurous coupe. It will come with a more aggressive appearance and better performance. Furthermore, it will most likely ditch the hybrid setup and come with a powerful conventional system. These are all rumors, mind you, but they seem to be rather believable. Even though the new 2018 Honda CR-Z will not be released until early 2018 at best, some sources believe its concept might show up next year. Therefore, there’s a chance we won’t have to wait for three years to see if these speculations are true.

2018 Honda CR-Z

2018 Honda CR-Z Speculated

2018 Honda CR-Z Exterior Design & Platform Rumors

The 2018 Honda CR-Z will come with a much more attractive design. As you can see on the photo here, it will look way more aggressive and dominant than the current model. The photo only shows rendered model, but it can give us a clearer image of how the new coupe will look like. The new 2018 CR-Z is said to resemble the new Honda Civic Type R model and the Acura NSX, making a perfect blend out of these two design solutions, meaning its looks will be attractive and very performance-oriented. As for the platform, the current sports coupe features the same platform as the Honda Fit. However, some sources claim that the new 2018 Honda CR-Z will share its underpinnings with the upcoming Honda Civic Type R, only its platform will come with a four inch shorter wheelbase. This means the new model will be bigger than the current one, more stable and precise, as well as lighter.

2018 Honda CR-Z Front

Current Honda CR-Z

Possible Powertrain Solutions

According to some sources, the 2018 Honda CR-Z will be powered by a 2.0-liter VTEC four-cylinder engine that will be used for the upcoming Honda Civic Type R. However, its engine will produce over 280 horsepower, but under 305 horsepower which is how much the new Civic Type R will offer. In addition, some sources claim that the hybrid powertrain will be kept for the Japanese market. It will use a turbocharged 1.5-liter hybrid i-DCD powertrain  that can produce over 200 horsepower and en eight-speed automatic transmission.

2018 Honda CR-Z Side

Current Honda CR-Z Side Look

2018 Honda CR-Z Possible Premiere & Release Date

The 2018 Honda CR-Z will probably be released early in 2018. Although its redesign isn’t confirmed yet, some sources are really confident it will happen. The premiere of the new coupe is also speculated to take place at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. With the model currently discontinued in Europe and Australia due to its poor performance and outdated design, it is highly possible the new model will be just as impressive as currently speculated. That way Honda would gain a powerful and fun coupe to tackle the competition with, which is an excellent move since sports coupes are really popular these day. But, we won’t know anything for sure until the official announcement. And until then – fingers crossed.

Photos: Honda Motor Cars USA

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