2018 BMW i5 — New Plug-in Hybrid Sedan to Come with +600hp Powertrain

By | 04/28/2015

Recently there’s been a lot of rumors about the possible new i-model from the BMW. The new sedan would fill in the gap between the current i3 and i8 models, which had a rather good reception at the audience. The future 2018 BMW i5 would, therefore, represent a luxurious sedan which will take that honorable place. The new model will be similar to the aforementioned two car in terms of design and certain technological features, but it will also bring its own thunder. The 2018 i5 was previously rumored to be released in 2020, but it seems that the manufacturer decided to speed things up a bit. The 2018 BMW i5 is rumored to be a match to the well-known and almost legendary Tesla Model S, which can only mean that the German carmaker has big plans and quite a challenge ahead of it. There is no telling at this point how impressive the new sedan will be, since it is too early for such assumptions, but at least we can take a look at some semi-reliable info about the future Bimmer sedan.

2018 BMW i5

Exterior Design

The 2018 BMW i5 appearance is currently unknown, though there are some speculations to what it might look like. According to them, the new luxury sedan will resemble the future 7-Series models, which should debut sometime during this year. In addition, the 2018 i5 will feature a sportier and more aggressive look than the current i3, but it will not be as avant-garde and futuristic like the i8. In fact, it will represent a perfect middle blend of those two with modern and a bit aggressive stance. Also, the 2018 BMW i5 is rumored to carry over 5-Series long wheelbase and chassis, though you should expect some iterations and changes there.

2018 BMW i5 Powertrain Speculations

The 2018 BMW i5 is rumored to come with a wicked plug-in hybrid powertrain which will knock the competition down. The sedan is said to be powered by a turbocharged gasoline four-cylinder engine that should generate around 220 horsepower and two electric motors. The front motor will deliver 150 horsepower, while the rear unit will produce 272 ponies, giving a total power output of more than 640 horsepower. With battery pack fully charged, the model will be capable of travelling for approximately 77 miles in electric mode, which is quite less than the rival-rumored Model S. Nevertheless, these specs would place the new i5 high in its market niche. In addition, some sources think the new 2018 BMW i5 will come with a power output of 544 horsepower by using less powerful motors. Whatever the case, the new plug-in hybrid sedan will be true beast on the road.

Premiere & Release Date

The 2018 BMW i5 is expected to have its debut in 2017 on some of the world’s greatest car shows. The hybrid sedan should be released in 2018. Some sources claim the model will cost approximately $106,000 with entry level equipment.

Photos: BMW Group

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