2017 Subaru SVX Hybrid Coupe Specs

By | 09/18/2014

The Subaru SVX was a very famous two-door sports coupe in the ‘90s. The model was sold from 1991 to 1997, when it was discontinued due to numerous powertrain difficulties. The mere fact that the model had an amazing level of luxury involved as well as fascinating exterior design wasn’t enough to keep the model alive. Many of those problems referred to the technologies used back that and can easily be fixed nowadays. That’s only one of the reasons the Subaru decided to revive its famous model. The new SVX will come out as a 2017 model and it will surely be one of the biggest surprises. Not all the details about the new model are known, but there is enough data to assume its huge success. To start with, the 2017 Subaru SVX will have an impressive exterior design, far more aggressive and bold than the one of its predecessor. In addition, the model will belong to the higher stratum of the market, so it will be fully equipped and very luxurious. As for the powertrain, the new 2017 SVX will certainly surprise everyone with what leis underneath its hood. Reportedly, the new coupe will use a hybrid powertrain instead of a conventional one. This way the Subaru will enter a new market segment, and we are sure that the model will be a success. The 2017 Subaru SVX, as a new Subaru flagship, is mainly intended for the USA market, though it might even find its way across the pond.

2017 Subaru SVX Teaser

2017 Subaru SVX Changes

The new 2017 Subaru SVX will bring numerous changes. To start with, the new coupe will have a new platform, called the Subaru Global Platform. The latter will have its very one debut once the new 2016 Tribeca is released. The model will, thanks to this, be lighter and therefore more power-efficient, and it will also avoid problems with the wheel bearing, which, among other things, tormented its predecessor. In addition, the new coupe will have an impressive exterior design. The new SVX appearance will mostly be based on the Viziv 2 Concept, though it will be far more aggressive and bold than that. The photos on this article show a sketch of how the new model might look. As you can see, it will have a very interesting and bold design, which will over shine any other model in its group, or any other Subaru for that matter. The model will feature chrome detail, wicked headlights and C-pillar, among others. The exterior will not only be stunning, it will also have a purpose. The body shape will be very aerodynamic, with low gravity center, so it will improve its performance. Even though this is the most beautiful model Subaru has offered so far, the company announced that they will in the future focus more on their designs, so we can even expect the new coupe to look better than on the sketch.

2017 Subaru SVX Predecessor

Hybrid Powertrain And Its Specs

The 2017 Subaru SVX will, like we mentioned, have a hybrid powertrain. The setup will consist of a 3.3-liter direct-injected V6 engine and a hybrid part which will be developed in cooperation with the Lexus. The new coupe should have around 375 horsepower. In addition, the model will use the famous Subaru 4WD, and its mileage should be satisfying. With as much power as expected, the new SVX should be a match to its main rival, the Tesla Model S, but who will win the battle remains to be seen, since these two companies had never been opponents before. This all-wheel drive performance coupe is expected to reach 60 mph from a standstill in around 4.5 seconds, while its top speed will be limited to 175 mph.

2017 Subaru SVX Release

The 2017 Subaru SVX will be released in 2017. The new model will surely be more than interesting and although we don’t have all the data about its characteristics, we are confident it will find its way to the top of the market niche. As for the price, there are some rumors about its possible number, but in our opinion, it is too early to make any assessments.

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