2017 Lincoln Navigator Changes & Novelties

By | 08/27/2014

The 2017 Lincoln Navigator will be released during the second half of 2016. The new model will represent the fourth generation of the well-known model which stayed popular and interesting through so many years. However, nowadays the Navigator is run over by new, powerful and modern SUVs which threaten to take over its thrown. That is why the manufacturer decided to improve this model in every aspect that matters. The redesign will be massive, proving once again how versatile and amazing the Navigator truly is. The most noticeable change will be the model’s appearance. Since the current SUV has had a more or less same look since 2007, the new Navigator will keep its current design idea, but it will present it in a much more sophisticated and modern way. This will surely attract new buyers since the model will keep its current style and glory, but it will definitely be more appealing. In addition, the new 2017 Lincoln Navigator will have a new body and platform made out of lightweight materials, which will reduce its weight significantly and thus improve the SUV’s performance in numerous ways. To top all that up, the new model will come with certain powertrain changes, so the redesign will be thorough, serious and simply amazing.

2017 Lincoln Navigator Front

Redesigned Body & New Platform

The 2017 Lincoln Navigator will, like we mentioned, come with a redesigned body. The new model will use new platform made out of lightweight materials such as high-strength steel. It is said that the new SUV will use the same platform as does the 2015 Ford F-150. This will provide the model with better underpinning and support, while at the same time reducing its weight. In addition, the body will be made out of aluminum primarily, which will also contribute to a lighter body. The expected weight reduction should be around 800 pounds, which is how much the 2015 F-150 lost when transmitted to this platform, which means the new Lincoln should weight around 5,000 pounds. This will have an excellent impact on the model’s fuel efficiency, agility, handling and stability. In addition, the 2017 Lincoln Navigator will have a new appearance. The new model will not ditch its current styling cues, as they are a trademark of its own, but it will simply present them in a more modern and aggressive way. We expect that the new model will be very bold and dominant, but that it will also at the same time nourish and respect its own tradition and glory. The new model is said to have a new split-wing grille, restyled LED headlights, new bumpers etc. as always, the new model will offer both short wheelbase and long wheelbase version, each of which will come with three rows of seats. As for the interior, the 2017 Navigator will have a redesigned cabin with improved level of comfort and luxury. Also, it is expected that the new SUV will get numerous new high-tech gadgets so that it can compete with its competition in this segment.

2017 Lincoln Navigator Side

2017 Lincoln Navigator 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 Engine

The 2017 Lincoln Navigator will carry over its current engine, the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 unit. Notice that, even if they do not change anything on this mill, it should have a better performance due to the weight reduction. Currently, the unit generates 370 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of torque. It is highly unlikely that they will not change anything on it, so expect the new Navigator to have drastically better performnce. In addition, the new model is rumored to get a hybrid powertrain, which would consist of a 3.5-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 unit we just mentioned and an electric motor. Moreover, the new SUV will probably use the new ten-speed automatic transmission, which is currently under development by Ford and GM Company. This will improve the vehicle’s performance in so many ways, from fuel economy, over acceleration and handling, all the way to the sense of enjoyment during the ride. The 2017 Lincoln Navigator will offer both rear-wheel drive and an all-wheel drive.

2017 Lincoln Navigator Release Date

The 2017 Lincoln Navigator should be released during the second half of 2016. As for the price, there are no official announcements regarding this issue just yet. Nevertheless, whatever the price tag might be, it will surely be money well spent.

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