2017 Ford Focus Redesign

By | 05/28/2014

The 2017 Ford Focus will be a fully redesigned new generation of the popular hatchback. The 2015 model has been presented just few months ago at the Geneva Auto Show, with slightly upgraded interior and exterior and a new engine, and already the manufacturer is developing a new one. The 2017 model will have a completely redesigned interior and exterior, which will resemble a coupe look a bit, but it will also follow the key lines in the design language that is used for all Ford models at the time. With this in mind, we can expect a vehicle similar to the current one, or the 2015 model, but designed to look more modern, fierce and dominant. The manufacturer is paying a lot of attention to the appearance, so we are sure it will be amazing. In addition, there are some rumors about the new platform, but specific details on this matter and other elements are still unknown.  The 2015 Ford Focus will have a five-door hatchback and sedan versions offered on the USA market when it gets released in 2016 as a 2017 model.


2017 Ford Focus Exterior Redesign — New Platform, Appearance And Body Shape

The 2017 Ford Focus might get a new platform. Such rumors might be either true or derived from the news that the new focus will use lightweight materials; this might make a new platform. This way, the 2017 Focus will be easier to handle and it will have smaller fuel consumption. As for the exterior, the 2017 Ford Focus will have redesigned headlights, new fascia and reshaped bumpers, but it will resemble the 2015 model in some key points. In addition, the hatchback will have a reshaped body lines, which will contribute to a more aggressive and dominant look. Some reports claim that the new model will resemble the coupe models in body shape, as this is an emphasis on its contemporary look. The overall impression is that the manufacturer does prepare a treat for us, but since there is still plenty of time, we will have to wait a bit more for this beauty.

Fresh Interior Of 2017 Ford Focus

The 2017 Ford Focus will also get a new interior. The new generation will have more room in the cabin, offering more comfort to the passengers and more room for their cargo. In addition, the 2017 Focus will get new seats to improve comfort even more, followed by new quality materials all around.  Moreover, the car will feature the latest infotainment and safety systems, but the list of them is yet to be assembled. There are also some rumors that the new 2017 Focus will have a new, upscale trim that will offer more than you can imagine.


Rumors About 2017 Ford Focus Engine Options

The 2017 Ford Focus powertrain is still a mystery. The new model might inherit the 1.0-liter three-cylinder EcoBoost engine installed in the 2015 model, but it is more likely that the next generation will have a unit specially developed for it. Such engine would have to be both fuel efficient and powerful enough to satisfy the demanding audience. Furthermore, the 2017 Ford Focus might get an all-electric and hybrid powertrains as well.

2017 Ford Focus Release Date

The 2017 Ford Focus will probably be released in 2016 as a 2017 model. Since it will represent a new generation of this popular car, it should be very irresponsible from us to make any estimations regarding its price. For such information, we will have to wait a bit more.

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