2017 BMW Z2 Roadster Finally Arrives

By | 09/13/2014

The BMW Z2 is one of the most speculated roadsters ever made. The rumors about it rise and die out so quickly one might wonder whether or not this model will ever make it to the production. The skepticism is well justified, since the model was announced for 2013, which did not happen. Nowadays, there are even more rumors about its comeback, setting its release date for the next year or one year later. What makes these speculations different than the ones before is the amount of them, and the specifics they bring. According to them, the new BMW Z2 will be everything you hoped for over the years of anticipation and more. The new model will have a sleek, elegant and dominant design, which will not be too aggressive, but it is this very quality that will make it stand out from the crowd. The approach to the design will be brand new, and it will also suggest the trend to which the BMW designers will aspire in the future. The model will have a fantastic interior as well, while its powertrain will be more than satisfying. In addition, the roadster will ride on the new platform as well, and it will offer a variety of other details to choose from. The new BMW Z2 will surely be very interesting and we are confident that it will find its way to the hearts of the audience.

2017 BMW Z2 Roadster

UKL Platform & New Exterior Design

The 2017 BMW Z2 will use a new platform, called the UKL platform. The latter has already been used for the 2-Series Active Tourer

, and it will be used for the 1-Series as well. the platform is made out of lightweight materials, which will improve the vehicle’s performance and handling. It will also reduce the car’s total weight, keeping it not high above 2,500 pounds. In addition, this weight reduction will allow the manufacturer to install smaller engines under the hood of the roadster without having to worry whether or not they will be able to perform as planned. In addition, the new BMW Z2 will have a brand new design. The appearance will be based on Concept Active Tourer in the front, especially when it comes to the headlights and grille. The overall shape will, on the other hand, be inspired by the BW Z4 model, which is a logical move, since it is expected that the roadsters look alike. This way, the model will have the typical overall shape of the roadster, while its design will at the same time stay dynamic and interesting. As for the interior, there is not much information available yet, but we do expect the new cabin to be design in the same manner as the exterior.

2017 BMW Z2 Interior

2017 BMW Z2 Powertrain

As for the powertrain, the 2017 BMW Z2 will offer two engine options. These units will not be as outstanding as one might expect, but if you take into consideration the weight reduction and other aspects of the car into account, you’ll come to a conclusion they will perform more than satisfyingly. The basic engine will be a 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine that can generate up to 200 horsepower. The more powerful option will be a four-cylinder unit with a higher power output, rumored to produce 230 horsepower. However, its specs are still unknown. The model will come with a front-wheel drive, but it will also offer a performance trim, called simply the M. the 2017 BMW Z2 M will have a power output of at least 300 horsepower and it will use an all-wheel drive.

2017 BMW Z2 Release Date & Price

The 2017 BMW Z2 is expected to be released by the end of 2016 or in early 2017. The model will be offered as a coupe and convertible, and it will also offer numerous trims and package levels. This is why the price range is quite wide. The starting price for the new model is estimated at $30,000, while more expensive versions could push this number up to $50,000.

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