2016 Toyota Tacoma — New Features

By | 08/30/2014

The expected schedule of the premiere of the 2016 Toyota Tacoma is at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show. It is there where the all the changes will be revealed. The new Tacoma will be significantly redesigned, which will surely attract more buyers. The new pickup will have the same recognizable exterior design which will only moderately be improved in order to keep the model attractive. Also, the new model will have a new interior. The details about the redesign are still unknown, but we do know that the manufacturer will leave no aspect unchanged. The same goes for the powertrain, which will also bring new surprises. All in all, the redesign will round up all the good things about the Tacoma and push them to a new, higher level. We are sure it will not disappoint any of its fans.

2016 Toyota Tacoma Front

2016 Toyota Tacoma Exterior

The 2016 Toyota Tacoma will have a slightly refreshed exterior. The fact that the manufacturer decided not to change its appearance too much proves how valuable they think it is. The new model will keep its resemblance to the current model, but it will also look fresh and modern. The changes are smart and small, so you might not be capable of detecting all the novelties at the first glance, but you will surely notice immediately that the model looks different. The redesign is so clever and elegant that it literally show how much work it was invested in it. The new model will keep the spark and style of its predecessor, but it will also look much more appealing to all the modern and aggressive drivers. As for the architecture, the new model will have its current platform, though the latter will be tuned up. Another change is that the 2016 Toyota Tacoma will no longer be offered with a Regular Cab. As for the interior, there is not much information about it, though the speculations say the new model will have its interior redesign to fit the new exterior design.

2016 Toyota Tacoma Side

Engine Lineup, Transmission & Towing

The engine lineup for the 2016 Toyota Tacoma is still unknown. However, if the changes do occur, they will only improve the truck’s performance. The current Tacoma uses a 4.0-liter V6 unit that generates 236 horsepower and 266 lb-ft of torque. It is very possible that the same engine will carry over to the new model, though we expect it to be improved if that’s the case. The reason for such belief is because the manufacturer improved other elements of powertrain, so it is only logical that it will not leave the most essential one unchanged. Other changes that we mention concern the Tacoma’s transmission. The new model will no longer use its four- and five-speed automatic gearboxes. Instead, it will receive the all-new six-speed automatic and six-speed manual transmissions. This will immensely improve the performance this pickup truck, making it more fuel efficient, better responsive, easier to handle and much more. Also, if the engine gets its tune up, the Tacoma will be capable of towing more than current 6,500 pounds. In addition, there are rumors claiming that the new model will get a diesel variant, using the D-4D engine. All these powertrain changes surely sound excellent, making us anxious to wait for pickup’s arrival.

2016 Toyota Tacoma Premiere

The 2016 Toyota Tacoma should have its premiere at the 2015 LA Auto Show, whereas its release is expected by the end of next year. As for the price, there is no reliable information yet, though some reports claim it will cost slightly more than its current counterpart.

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