2016 Toyota 4Runner — What To Expect

By | 04/05/2014

The 2016 Toyota 4Runner will certainly live up to any expectation you might have based on the performance the previous model had. This is a reliable, sporty SUV that has so far never failed us with its redesign. Even though there is not much official information regarding the changes the 2016 model will bring, we can speculate on them. This is due to a lot of rumors regarding this burning issue and it is also based on the changes we’ve seen so far following each and every redesign through years. It is certain it will have a restyled exterior and interior, but as it is always case with this aspect of Toyota redesigns, we believe it will not be too drastic. It should keep the resemblance with its predecessor and get some new modern and futuristic details. As for the performance, there should be some new technologies and inevitable improvements. There is no doubt this new SUV will live up to its name and meet any demand its buyers might have.


2016 Toyota 4Runner Trims And Features

The new 2016 Toyota 4Runner will have three trim levels: Trail Offroad, Base SR5 and Limited Edition. There is no need to tell you which one will come with which perks. As for the exterior, like we mentioned, it will have a new line, slightly redesigned, to make the SUV look most tenacious and menacing. In addition, the new grille will be installed, bigger than the previous. As for the interior, the redesign made here is more than obvious. Almost all parts are new, the dashboard, the center stack and so on. Also, the seats have been reshaped to provide a better lumbar support. The new 2016 4Runner will be equipped with a 7 inches big display and a fantastic 8-speaker sound system. Also, the safety has been improved, so the new 2016 model will have lots of gadgets to ease up your mind while enjoying the ride.


2016 Toyota 4Runner Engines

The 2016 Toyota 4Runner will certainly keep the engine seen in the previous version. It is the 4.0-liter V-6 VVT-i engine that produces 270 horsepower and 250lb-ft of torque. The rumors say it might even have a V-8 engine as an option, but this is unconfirmed information. Moreover, even if these stories are true, the specs of such engine are still unknown. Of course, the 2016 4Runner will have both 2WD and an all-wheel drive offered. It is said that the new model will have a better fuel economy, too.


2016 Toyota 4Runner Release Date

Since the 2016 Toyota 4Runner is still a work in progress, so to speak, we don’t expect its release any time soon. Some speculations mention the autumn 2016 as a possible release date. What is sure, though, is that Toyota will try its best to make this car an even more fantastic vehicle than the predecessor was. If you take a look at Toyota’s other redesigns, than you should be sure it will succeed in its intentions.  As for the price, it should not be more expensive that the 2015 model. We expect it to be around $34,000 for the basic trim, and up for other ones.

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