2016 Maserati Levante Announcement

By | 04/06/2014

The 2016 Maserati Levante SUV will be fully presented to us next year. Even though there is still much time left until one can own and enjoy this incredible vehicle, we are sure it will win everyone’s heart. The 2016 Levante will have a design based on the Kubang concept that was represented to the audience in 2011. Of course, it won’t have the exact same look, but that will be the base of its exterior and interior. In addition, this incredible SUV will have a fantastic powertrain, an amazing look, lots of gadgets and applications and all that will be wrapped up in a stylish, elegant package. We are sure that, by the time comes this SUV hit the market; it will make its competition tremble. This is definitely a vehicle that could win the first class in its class, as it has everything a luxurious car this type should have, and perhaps even more.  As for the name, the Maserati Company put a lot of consideration and love in this part, too. This SUV is named after the street where Maserati Company has founded: Via Emilia Levante, Bologna. Even though the company now belongs to Fiat and has changed its address, this is a nice memory of the tradition this manufacturer has.


2016 Maserati Levante Exterior And Interior

As the 2016 Maserati Levante is the first SUV this manufacturer has made, we should expect only excellence from this model. As we mentioned earlier, it will use Kubang concept for its design, but slightly modified. Our opinion is that Maserati wanted to include the best possible ideas it had in this vehicle while still keeping it unique and outstanding. This SUV won’t use the Kubang platform, however. Instead, it will have the platform used in Maserati Ghibli, only a bit redesigned since these two vehicles don’t belong to the same class. In addition, it will have reshaped grille, sleek lines and elegant feel. This is a vehicle that will most certainly stand out in the crowd. The look is well-balanced, elegant and soothing, while it still represents the power and strength incorporated in this SUV.  As for the interior, not many details have been revealed when it comes to this.  Some sources claim it will have similar interior as the one seen in the Maserati Ghibli. Since there is nothing to reprimand to Ghibli, this is excellent news, if true, of course. The Ghibli is the best possible example of elegance, comfort and luxury and we believe it is almost like an honor to have similar look to it.


2016 Maserati Levante Engines

The 2016 Maserati Levante will have three engines available. The first one is the 3.0-liter V-6 engine which produces 410 horsepower. The second engine is more powerful. It’s a twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V-8 engine which can generate up to 530 horsepower, which is absolutely amazing. As for the third option, sadly, it will not be available in the USA. It will be a 3.0-liter V-6 turbodiesel which is also used for Maserati Ghibli. It can produce only 275hp, which is not so much compared to two other options, so it is not such a shame American market won’t have this one offered. As for the transmission, the 2016 Maserati Levante will use an eight-speed automatic gearshift. Another unfortunate news is that there will be no manual transmission available to any market. The new 2016 Levante comes with an all-wheel drive.


2016 Maserati Levante Release Date

The 2016 Maserati Levante will have its premiere in the 2015. We expect its production to start just a bit after this, so it should be available in the market by the end of 2015. Anyway, it will most certainly hit the market before 2016. This is excellent news to all those who know just how much they get with any Maserati vehicle. Since this is their first SUV, feel free to expect even more. This model will lack in no elegance, power or attitude. It should take the enjoyment in driving to a whole new level. The price of this piece of heaven is still unknown, but it is well worth it.

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