2016 Honda Pilot Pricing Announced

By | 05/22/2015

The 2016 Honda Pilot had its debut at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show. Now, about three months later, the pricing has been announced. Not only did the new model come completely redesigned and therefore as a far better model than its predecessor, it also offers a wide array of optional features, which will affect the pricing range. The announced prices go from a reasonably low to more than the Acura-counterpart high. This is mostly due to the fact the new 2016 Pilot comes with a numerous different configurations; it can be adjusted to everyone’s taste. The manufacturer went so far with this that there are even actually some setups which are more adult-friendly, for older customers. Aside from these changes, the 2016 Honda Pilot brings new and more modern design, new and much smoother powertrain and impressive safety systems. All in all, it is hard to imagine the new SUV not to be a huge success; it might even be the most popular one in its market niche.

2016 Honda Pilot Elite Price 640x427

2016 Honda Pilot Elite

Quick Reminder – What’s New with 2016 Honda Pilot

We already wrote about the new features which come with the 2016 Honda Pilot, but let’s just take another quick look. To start with, the 2016 Pilot comes with a new exterior design. While some claim the new crossover looks too bleak and dull, we think the design is really modern and attractive. The Pilot still resembles its predecessors, but it now has a more pronounced stance. In addition, the interior of the model has also been improved. Aside from the refreshed design, the new cabin is now more spacious, comfortable and pleasant. The crossover offers a lot of space and different seats setups, the cupholders are everywhere and the dashboard is big and easy to use. In addition, depending on the trim level, the 2016 Honda Pilot offer a lot of new systems and gadgets which should make the trip as pleasant as it gets. The standard equipment includes touchscreen audio, power features, cruise control, air conditioning and Bluetooth with audio streaming. More advanced trims offer leather, heated and ventilated front seats, satellite radio and much more. So much more the highest trim, 2016 Honda Pilot Elite is quite close to being a true rival to the famous Buick Enclave. Moreover, the 2016 Honda Pilot is said to come with probably the best safety features offered in its market segment. The level of equipment, again, depends on the trim level chosen, but even the entry model is more than packed full.

2016 Honda Pilot Elite

2016 Honda Pilot Elite

Engine & Transmission Changes – Much More Enjoyable Experience Now

Although the aforementioned changes sound great, they are not the focus on the 2016 Honda Pilot. That place belongs to the powertrain. The new SUV comes with direct-injected 3.5-liter V6 i-VTEC engine which is going to produce around 280 horsepower. The unit was tuned up in order to provide better performance. It will be paired with six-speed automatic transmission for most trims, while the top two trims, the Touring and Elite, will come with a nine-speed gearbox. According to some sources, the new gearboxes are more responsive and refined now. They should provide significantly better and smoother drive than before, meaning the new 2016 Honda Pilot will be a delight to drive. Also, they will improve the crossover’s fuel economy, going up to as high as 23 mpg combined. This improvement is partly due to the new chassis and body which reduced the model’s weight by 300 pounds.

2016 Honda Pilot

2016 Honda Pilot

2016 Honda Pilot Price Range

The 2016 Honda Pilot will cost around $30,000 for the entry trim, while the top trim Pilot Elite will cost more than $46,000. Such a big price range indicates that the new model will have much to offer, especially when it comes to the Elite trim – this trim is so advanced, it is even more expensive than the entry level counterpart, the Acura MDX. It is also more than fifty percent more expensive than the entry level Pilot, meaning it will come with significantly more impressive powertrain and much more equipment. Of course, the price varies for the trims themselves as well, since the manufacturer offers numerous categories from which to choose. The starting price is $30,875 for the Honda Pilot LX with the front-wheel drive, while the lowest price for the next trim, the EX is $33,310. The highest price is assigned to the 2016 Honda Pilot with all-wheel drive and navigation and it cost $47,300. The prices don’t include registration, tax, license or $880 destination fee.

Photos: Honda North America

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