2016 Honda Pilot — Fully-Redesigned SUV

By | 01/28/2015

The 2016 Honda Pilot will have its premiere at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show, which starts February 12th. With so little time until the debut, it is almost annoying we know close to nothing about this model. The first Pilot SUV showed up on the market back in 2009, and since then, it has only suffered one big redesign three years ago. Therefore, the all-new family-oriented mid-size crossover Pilot is anxiously awaited. The manufacturer suggested that the 2016 Pilot will be a completely redesigned model, which will bring more premium features, new and more modern style and other surprises. However, aside from the teaser image and some speculations, not much is known about the new SUV. It seems that the manufacturer really wants to sweep us of our feet with the debut of its beloved model.

The 2016 Honda Pilot will be produced in the USA, as all the Pilots were before it, so it is only logical it has its premiere on one of the bigger U.S.-Auto Shows. Honda will also present some other popular redesigns in Chicago, but we are sure the Pilot will steal the spotlight.

2016 Pilot SUV Teaser Image

Exterior Design, Platform & Interior Speculations

Though not much can be told about the appearance of the new 2016 Honda Pilot, one thing is sure – it will look drastically better than before. The new model is announced to come with a fully redesigned exterior design. That means that the popular model will finally get the change of competing with other mid-size SUVs in design and elegance, since its looks were long overdue for a facelift. The new approach will be based on the current appearance of the Pilot, but they will be much more modern and aggressive.

According to some sources, the 2016 Honda Pilot will probably keep its current platform, which it shares with the Acura MDX. However, judging by the teaser image, if you take a look at the shape and the rear end of the new SUV, you will notice that the new model will probably offer a bit more room than its current counterpart. However, other interior details should be known after the debut.

2016 Honda Pilot – Should We Expect Any Powertrain Changes?

The powertrain of the 2016 Honda Pilot is still unknown. The current SUV offers only one engine choice, which provides decent performance. Some sources claim that the new model will carry over the same engine, since its behavior has been impeccable so far, while others believe that the new model will bring new engine options. Since the manufacturer has invested all this time and effort in the redesign, the other side believes it is only natural that they also improved the most important part of the SUV – its powertrain. However, we cannot say for sure at the moment who is right, and who’s not. In addition, many sources think that the new 2016 Honda Pilot will use the new nine-speed automatic transmission, designed by Acura, though in our mind, this sounds highly unlikely. Their belief is due to the CAFE regulations which are getting stricter and stricter by the day. The new transmission would improve the model’s fuel efficiency, as well as its performance.

 Premiere & Release Date

The 2016 Honda Pilot will have its debut at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show, which starts February 12th at 9:30. The SUV should be released this summer.

Photos: Honda Motor Company

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