2016 Honda FCEV — Attractive Zero-emissions Car

By | 07/13/2014

The 2016 Honda FCEV will be released during next year as a 2016 model. The FCEV, which stands for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle, won’t be the official name of the model, but since the car itself is still in development, the name will be announced later on. The new model will, like the current name tag implies, use the all-green technology to power its drivetrain. The concept for this vehicle had its premiere in 2013, at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Back then, the spectators were thrown back by the model’s futuristic appearance, but fear not, the production version will not be as wacky. The latter will inherit some of the designing cues from the original concept, but it will nicely combine it with current Honda designs. On the other hand, though, don’t expect the new model to look like any ordinary car. The FCEV is an advanced technology, a powertrain of the future and therefore, it demands the same appearance. In addition, the new model will be as modern and equipped inside as it is extravagant on the outside, but the most important feature of it will certainly be its energy source. The manufacturer worked hard in improving the latter, and they will not stop with the release of this model. The goal is to make an all-green, fully developed FCEV model by 2020. The only question that remains is whether or not the world will be ready for it.

2016 Honda FCEV exterior

2016 Honda FCEV Comes With Futuristic Exterior Design

The 2016 Honda FCEV will have its exterior designed based on the aforementioned concept. Back in 2013, when the concept had its premiere, it had left breathless anyone who saw it. The design was so futuristic it almost looked like a science fiction toy, not a car. But the thing about the design was in the fact that even though the model was way out of the lines of ordinary, it was stunning. The front end had an aggressive appearance, with the recognizable Honda grille that continues into beautifully shaped headlights. The model was low, and its windshield made an elegant smooth line with the roof, raising it gradually and ending in almost horizontal rear end. The car was fluent, aerodynamic and sound. We can only hope that the production version will have at least a bit of the impression the concept made. The new model will, however, look a bit more down-to-earth, which is logical and reasonable. On the other hand, the car will diverge from the ordinary, conventional vehicle as the manufacturer is trying to set it aside from anything seen before.

2016 Honda FCEV Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Hydrogen Powertrain Of 2016 FCEV

The 2016 Honda FCEV powertrain is still unknown since it is most likely still in development. There are always some tweaks and tunes needed to be done, especially when it comes to such an advanced technology. However, there are some rumors and information available about the possible solution and its performance. To start with, the new powertrain will be more compact that the one the first Honda FCEV used, which was the Honda FCX. This is important since such change, combined with clever packing, will provide more space inside the cabin. The increase will be up to 30 percent better than in the FCX. Of course, more space means more comfort and more luggage area, which is always a plus side. In addition, the manufacturer worked on improving the driving range between the charging, increasing it by around 60 miles when compared to the on Honda FCX had. Moreover, the new model will charge in about three minutes, which is as much as it takes to fill the tank on the conventional vehicle. Lastly, the fact that there are more and more hydrogen stations build worldwide every day will certainly make a positive impact on the way people see and take to the FCEV.

2016 Honda FCEV Concept

2016 Honda FCEV Release Date

The 2016 Honda FCEV should be released during 2015. As for the price, there is no official information yet, but it should be somewhere around the price tags on its competition. The premiere of the new model is expected for the beginning of the next year, or possibly the end of this year, on one of the world’s biggest auto shows.

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