2016 Honda CR-V Diesel Specs

By | 10/28/2014

The 2016 Honda CR-V Diesel will probably have its debut at the next year’s New York Auto Show. The new, U.S-spec model will diverge from its European counterpart in few things. Firstly, the North American model will be powered by a more powerful engine than the Euro-spec one. Also, this model will have an impressive fuel economy. Although these two facts are quite important, the manufacturer didn’t spot there. Reportedly, the new 2016 CR-V Diesel will also come with improved technology. The new model will offer more gadgets, and they will all be of the latest technology. This is good news, as it will present the new Diesel model as a modern and up-to-date vehicle. Add to that its new, superb powertrain, which offers both power and fuel efficiency, the model’s attractive and smooth figure and a comfortable interior, and you will get a model worth waiting for. The new 2016 Honda CR-V Diesel will surely be an interesting addition to the model’s lineup and it will offer something a bit different than what we are used to so far.

2016 Honda CR-V Diesel Crossover

2016 Honda CR-V Diesel Powertrain

The 2016 Honda CR-V Diesel will, as we mentioned before, come with a different powertrain in comparison to its European counterpart. The new U.S.-spec model will use an engine whose displacement and power output are still unknown, but it will surely be more powerful than the Euro-spec one. Reportedly, the new mill will generate between 180 and 200 horsepower. Let us remind you that the current European CV-R uses a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that generates 130 horsepower. Although the new American CR-V Diesel won’t be the most powerful option on the market, it will be powerful enough not to be considered weak. With approximately 200 horsepower and a torque output which is said to be impressive, the new model will be more than capable of providing adventurous and fun travel. In addition, the new 2016 Honda CR-V Diesel’s strongest suit will be its amazing fuel economy. Even though there are no official reports on the model’s fuel efficiency at the moment, some estimation says that the new crossover will return an impressive 70 mpg.

2016 Honda CR-V Diesel Interior

Technology And Gadgets

The 2016 CR-V Diesel will come with not only its powertrain improved, but also its gadgets. The new crossover will feature the latest generation of the infotainment system which will send its data to a seven-inch touchscreen. This screen will also feature reports from some other systems installed in the new crossover. In addition, the 2016 CR-V will also come with improved safety systems. Aside from the newest navigation system, it will also feature the latest Lane Watch safety system. As for the entertainment, there will be the newest generation of the popular Apple CarPlay iOS integration system.

2016 Honda CR-V Diesel Premiere

The 2016 Honda CR-V Diesel might have its premiere at the 2015 New York Auto Show. However, this news hasn’t been confirmed yet. As for the price and release date, there are still no announcements about it available.

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