2016 Ford Focus RS Performance Hatchback Could Come To U.S. Market

By | 10/20/2014

The 2016 Ford Focus RS will be released next year. Though its release time is close, it is not what interests the automotive public the most. The real question is where it will be released. Reportedly, there are some rumors saying that the new model might cross the pond and enter the USA market. They are based on the fact that the model has been seen testing in America. Such news would be excellent, since it will surely win a huge piece of market. This is due to the fact that the new Focus RS will be simply stunning. Every aspect of this model has been improved and taken to the next level. Its appearance is bold and menacing, its interior sporty and comfortable, and its performance impeccable. The powertrain especially is rather interesting. It will consist of a really powerful engine which will come with some other systems that will improve its performance. Of course, such changes do come with a price, but in our mind, if you are a fan of aggressive, racy and modern hatchbacks; this is car not to be missed.

2016 Ford Focus RS Exterior

2016 Ford Focus RS Exterior

The 2016 Ford Focus RS will have a very attractive design. The model will come with five doors, since the company decided not to produce any more models with three doors. In addition, the new hatchback will have a similar design to the one seen on the regular Focus, only it will be enhanced and more modern. The 2016 Focus RS appearance is still a secret, but we expect it to be revealed soon. Be sure, though, that judging by the current RS designs that, no matter the outcome, you won’t be disappointed.

2016 Ford Focus RS Rear View

Powertrain: 2.3-liter EcoBoost

The 2016 Ford Focus RS will have an impressive powertrain. The new hatchback will use a turbocharged 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine, the same one that is also used for the 2015 Ford Mustang and 2015 Lincoln MKC. This fact alone is quite great, so you will be amazed to find out that the same engine will be tuned up to produce more power before it gets installed under the hood of the Focus RS. Some sources claim that this unit will generate around 330 horsepower. As for the transmission, the new hatchback will use a six-speed manual transmission. There are no announcements about the possible automatic gearbox offered as an optional, but some rumors claim that, if the new Focus RS comes to the USA, the manufacturer will offer one. Let’s face it, especially in America; an automatic gearbox could be the deciding factor for the sales figures.

2016 Ford Focus RS Interior

2016 Ford Focus RS Is Coming With All-Wheel Drive

The 2016 Ford Focus RS will have an all-wheel drive mode, which will provide better performance compared to the any other drive system. This way, the hatchback will be more agile, precise and its handling will be improved, which are all important factors when it comes to a car this class. In addition, the new model will torque vectoring and a new suspension and brakes. This is quite logical, sine the sporty attitude of the new model simply cannot come to its full extent any other way. There will also be some more tweaks and tunes which will help this performance car truly show what it is made of.

2016 Ford Focus RS Release

The 2016 Ford Focus RS will be released next year. It is still unclear whether or not it will arrive to the American soil. If it does, its price will not be cheap. The new model will definitely cost more than the regular Focus, meaning its price will go higher than $25,000, which is the price for the Ford Focus ST. For any additional information we will have to wait a bit more, but don’t worry, we will keep you informed.

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