2016 Chrysler Town & Country Minivan News

By | 05/10/2014

The 2016 Chrysler Town & Country will be released sometime in the next year. The new model of this interesting minivan will bring many interesting changes as well. It seems that the manufacturer decided to go all in, as it left almost nothing unchanged. The new model will have a new exterior design, whose details remain unknown at the moment. However, most of the rumors and speculations say it will have certain details borrowed from the 700C concept. In addition, the new model will have its interior improved, too, as it will offer more space and comfort, as well as tuned up and upgraded infotainment and safety systems. Also, there have been some modifications regarding its powertrain. The new model should be of satisfying quality to all those who prefer enjoyment and safety with a touch of elegance and uniqueness.


2016 Chrysler Town & Country Exterior Design

As for the interior, expect the new 2016 Chrysler Town & Country to borrow certain elements from the 700C concept. This concept had its premiere at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show and is very appealing and modern. The new model of the minivan will, however, keep the traditional look and the resemblance to its predecessor, but it should be design and modified, so to speak, so that it can be attractive and interesting to the buyers nowadays. This of course, will be made with caution, given that this is a minivan, so exterior should not be too bold or dramatic, but pleasant, soothing and gentle.

2016 Chrysler Town & Country Interior

As for the interior, the new 2016 Chrysler Town & Country will have a new, redesigned cabin that will offer more space and comfort. The comfort will probably be enhanced with new, more enjoyable seating, while the cabin is expected to offer more modern materials. In addition, the new 2016 Chrysler Town & Country will have a new UConnect infotainment system, which will be the latest possible version of it, and its Stow ‘N Go system is also said to be improved. The new 2016 Town & Country is expected to offer more space and comfort, as well as to make the driving easier and more fun.


2016 Chrysler Town & Country Powertrain

The 2016 Chrysler Town & Country will most likely keep its former engine lineup. However, this doesn’t mean that the powertrain will remain the same. The new minivan will come with a new transmission. It will be the 9-speed automatic gearbox. But, that’s not all. Apart from the Toyota Sienna, the 2016 Chrysler Town & Country will be the only minivan offering an optional all-wheel drive. In addition, the new transmission should improve its fuel economy, but we do not have any information or reports on its fuel consumption just yet.

2016 Chrysler Town & Country Release And Premiere

The 2016 Chrysler Town & Country will be released in the 2015. Also, it will have its premiere at the same year, so we expect the production to start shortly after the debut. The models will be assembled in Windsor, Canada. As for the price, there is no official information about that at the moment.

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