2016 BMW M6 Update — New Features

By | 09/12/2014

The 2016 BMW M6 will be released early next year. The new model will bring only minor updates, common to all BMW models that are carried over. This means that the 2016 M6 will, like more or less all 2016 BMW vehicles, have a slightly updated exterior, enough to look new and fresh, improved interior and possibly some minor improvements in the powertrain section. The new model will, therefore, look more interesting and attractive to the buyers by investing minimum effort in its refreshment. Such move is justified in this case since the fully redesigned model is announced for the 2018 model year. The 2016 BMW M6 will have its exterior improved by restyling and updating details on both its rear and front end, while the shape and dimensions will remain the same. The interior will also be slightly improved, possibly offering new colors and packages. As for the powertrain, the new model will carry over its current powertrain, which could either stay in tacked or be slightly more powerful. As for the price, it should stay in the range of the current one.

2016 BMW M6 Sedan

2016 BMW M6 Appearance

The 2016 BMW M6 sedan will have a slightly modified appearance. The new model will keep its current shape and dimensions, like we already mentioned, so its redesign will manifest in changed details. Around the front, the model will keep its kidney grille unchanged, as well as the bumper, but its headlights will be restyled. Similar pattern will paste to the rear end, where only the taillights will have a new look, while the bumper, trunk lid and exhaust tips will stay the same. The new model will, thanks to these changes, look more attractive and interesting, while it will keep its current style. As for the interior, there is not much information available about it yet. It is possible that the new model will offer more colors, for both interior and exterior, and it should also update its gadgets. The infotainment system will most likely be the same one used for all models planned for the 2016. There are some new trim levels possible, as well.

2016 BMW M6 Interior

Powertrain: Twin-turbo V8 Engine & DCT Transmission

As for the powertrain, the 2016 BMW M6 will carry over its current engine. The unit might stay unchanged, or it will be a bit tuned up to offer from 5 to 10 horsepower more. The unit is a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 one that can currently generate 560 horsepower and 501 lb-ft of torque. As for the transmission, the 2016 M6 will offer six-speed manual gearbox, or the six-speed dual-clutch DCT automatic. The engine will, paired with the DCT gearshift, accelerate the model to 62 mph from a standstill in 4.2 seconds, while it will be able to reach top speed of 124 mph in 12.6 seconds. On the other hand, since this is a performance car, the model will not have its fuel economy as its strongest suit. With manual transmission, the 2016 M6 will have a fuel economy at 15 mpg/city and 22 mpg/highway, while the automatic gearbox will have the figures at 14 mpg/city and 20 mpg/highway. All of the aforementioned data relate to the current model. the new 2016 model will not have its fuel economy changed, while its power output could be improved by 5-10 horsepower. There are some speculations about the Competition package, which would come with a more powerful setup which can generate 575 horsepower and improved powertrain setup for better performance, though we cannot claim that this information is true. The 2016 BMW M6 will come with rear-wheel drive only.

2016 BMW M6 Rear

2016 BMW M6 Release Date

The 2016 BMW M6 will be released early next year. Its price should not diverge from the current one, so expect it to remain more or less the same. If you think about it for a moment, there is really no reason for the manufacturer to raise it at all. The M6 model will have its full redesign for the 2018, so if you are not satisfied with the current offer for some reason, maybe it is best that you wait a bit more.

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