2016 BMW 9-Series Luxury Sedan Announced

By | 08/09/2014

The 2016 BMW 9-Series had its premiere at this year’s Beijing Motor Show. The new model will represent the biggest and the most amazing of all the sedans this company has ever offered. The 9-Series will be the most luxurious, extraordinary and astonishing car you can pick from the BMW family. The new model will be bigger than the recently elongated 7-Series, offering more than enough space and comfort. Its exterior will be elegant, menacing and futuristic, leaving no one uninterested. Also, the car is said to have superb performance and luxurious interior combined with fantastic list of equipment. The model will be released most likely during 2016, though this has yet to be confirmed, and since its launch date is still far away, not all the details about this amazing vehicle are known. However, judging by what we do know at the moment, the model will surely leave us breathless.

2016 BMW 9-Series Rear

Exterior And Style

The 2014 Beijing Motor Show had the pleasure of being the first to present the new 2016 BMW 9-Series. What the spectator had the chance to see there was designed using the BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept. The concept was really fascinating, with amazing body lines, aggressive details and wicked overall appearance. The production model, however, won’t be so extreme. The 9-Series, once released, will keep the extravagant and elegant feel it has now, but its look will be smooth and sophisticated. However, this doesn’t mean that the vehicle will be dull or plain; since the new 9-Series represent the best possible sedan BMW can make, its look will surely state that loud and clear. The new model will keep the recognizable BMW grille, but it will feature some new details, such as new LED headlights and taillights, repositioned tailpipes, new restyled bumpers etc. The body shape will remain fluent and aerodynamic. Also, the new model might get even some new extra details and perks, since it is too early to finalize on its appearance. Be sure, though, it will not be for the faint-hearted.

2016 BMW 9-Series Exterior

2016 BMW 9-Series Comes With Improved Body

The 2016 BMW 9-Series will use a new platform, called the G11 modular platform. The latter is made out of lightweight materials, such as aluminum and carbon fiber, so the total weight should be very low. Also, the same platform is used for the 7-Series, but it will be altered in order to support the 9-Series. The new sedan will be the longest one BMW has to offer with the total length of 216 inches. This means that the model will be very spacious and comfortable. The fact that its body is very light will improve its performance in numerous ways. As for the interior, no official reports about it have been made, but some rumors (and common sense) say that the cabin of the new sedan will simply be amazing.

2016 BMW 9-Series Sedan

Powertrain Expectations

The 2016 BMW 9-Series powertrain is still unknown. However, there are some rumors about this issue, too. Judging by them, the new sedan will use a twin-turbo V8 engine that generates 575 horsepower and 680 lb-ft of torque. Another possible engine is the 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 that can produce 544 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque. This is not confirmed information, mind you, so maybe the manufacturer will decide to use something else. However, currently these two units represent the best possible option, and the new 9-Series deserve nothing less.

2016 BMW 9-Series Release And Estimated Price

The 2016 BMW 9-Series will hopefully be released during 2016. As for the price, it hasn’t been announced yet, nor will be anytime soon since the model is still in development. However, there are some sources mentioning that the estimated price for the new top-notch sedan will be at least $150,000.

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