2015 Volkswagen Alltrack Announcement

By | 04/12/2014

The 2015 Volkswagen Alltrack wagon will be available at the market this fall. The new model comes as a quite refreshed and changed vehicle. To start with, it will have a brand new platform followed by the new, dominant and attractive look. Both exterior and interior have been improved and are modern, functional and sleek. In addition, there will be few options of engines and powertrains available to choose from, and all of them will provide excellent performance. This is not just a modern, attractive wagon, but it is also a vehicle with fantastic fuel consumption, speed and other specifications. Also, it will remain its best quality; it will keep its reasonable price. On the other hand, due to so many improvements, it will be slightly more expensive than its competition, but it will reflect the quality use get for it.


2015 Volkswagen Alltrack New Platform

The 2015 Volkswagen Alltrack will have a brand new platform. It is the same one used in the SportWagen. But don’t let this information lead you down to wrong conclusions. The Alltrack has a unique design. The exterior has changed quite a lot. The new 2015 model will have a new grille; it will have a inch higher ground clearance and a better body shape. The new model will be better in aerodynamics and performance. In addition it will have new big alloy wheels, so the overall feel will be sportier and more aggressive.


2015 Volkswagen Alltrack Interior And Gadgets

The 2015 VW Alltrack will have a changed interior, as well. The cabin will be cozier and more comfortable, providing more legroom for rear seats. The front seats are two-way power ones with heating, lumbar support and with adjustable height. The manufacturer made a special effort to make its buyers feel comfortable and loved. The cabin will be made of only high-quality materials, with small details and touches that will make it look elegant and smooth. In addition, the new 2015 Alltrack will have a cruise control, air filtration, heated power mirrors, 12V power outlets, tilt-telescopic multifunctional leather wheel, trip computer and much more. There is almost everything you might need to fully experience and enjoy the trip in this wagon. As for the safety, a lot of care has been put to this aspect, so that you don’t have to worry if you’ll be safe on your journey. Some of the safety systems are traction and stability control, all-wheel ABS, post-collision safety system, electronic brakeforce distribution, tire pressure monitoring, child safety lock for families and much more. Also, the new Alltrack will be able to carry more cargo load with the rear seats folded, so everything you need can be transported.


2015 Volkswagen Alltrack Engine Options

As for the powertrain, the new 2015 Volkswagen Alltrack will have two engines offered. The first one is the turbocharged 1.8 inline-4 engine which produces 170 horsepower and 184lb-ft of torque. The other option is a 2.0-liter turbodiesel engine with 150 horsepower and 236lb-ft of torque. As for the transmission, the new 2015 Alltrack will have a six-speed automatic gearbox with no other options available. Furthermore, the all-wheel drive will be offered, of course, but we are not sure if there will be any other option available.


2015 Volkswagen Alltrack Release And Price

The 2015 VW Alltrack will be released this fall. As for the price, it should cost from $24,000, which is an excellent price for a car this quality. Even though the competition might cost slightly less, you should bear in mind that this is a vehicle  with reliable background, outstanding quality and a cast number of faithful customers.

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