2015 Toyota Camry Facelift

By | 04/03/2014

The 2015 Toyota Camry comes as a surprise to most of its fan. The last year’s model made such a fantastic result it seemed there is nothing to add or remove from this model. The last major redesign Camry had took place in 2012 and since then it has been the best possible sedan you could get. No, we are not exaggerating; the fact it was the number one selling sedan in the USA for 12 years is enough evidence for anyone to believe this statement. The new, completely redesign Camry is actually uncalled for, as for the Toyota at least. The reason why they decided to make such a change is the market. The other competitors for the position of the best sedan changed their models this year, so Toyota had to respond to that. We are ecstatic because of this decision as it brings us the best of Toyota work, a completely new, even more fascinating, absolutely amazing 2015 Camry.


2015 Toyota Camry Changes

The 2015 Toyota Camry will have some minor exterior changes. The body line is changed, which resulted in more space inside the cabin. All five passengers now have as much comfort as they need. Also, the front end of this sedan will be changed. There will be a new grille paired with reshaped fog lights and a new pair of redesigned LED headlights. All of this will give the 2015 model a new modern look, while keeping it simple and simply elegant. As for the interior, no changes were necessary here. Despite this fact, the cabin is quite redesigned, but it is still very functional and well-organized, just like we remember it from previous model. Some of the new features that are included in the new model are navigation, cruise control, dual-zone climate system, etc. Furthermore, the new model comes with a 6.1-inch touchscreen and a brand new, fantastic control panel. Also, there are some wood element incorporated and high quality materials used for upholstery. This leaves and elegant and luxurious feel when inside the new Camry. Even though the previous model was amazing just the way it was, the Toyota understood just how important it is to stay ahead of the competition and that’s exactly what they succeeded with the 2015 Camry.


2015 Toyota Camry Engines — Valvematic And V-6

There is couple of possibilities for the 2015 Toyota Camry powertrain. The most likely solution is the 2.0-liter Valvematic, which will reduce fuel consumption by 10%. Another option is the already seen 3.5-liter V-6 engine with 268 horsepower and 336lb-ft of torque. It uses 31mpg combined. Also, there are some rumors saying that the 4-cylinder 2.0-liter turbocharged engine could replace the old 2.5-liter 4-cylinder one, but this is unconfirmed information. For more details, we will have to wait until the 2015 Camry’s official premiere. The one thing we are sure, though, is that, no matter what powertrain is implemented in the new model, it will certainly have better performance and fuel economy that the previous model. So much effort has been put into this redesign, and with so much in game, we are sure Toyota didn’t leave this most important part unimproved.


2015 Toyota Camry Release Date And Price

The 2015 Toyota Camry will have its premiere at the New York Auto Show this year. As for the release  date, it is expected to be by the end of the next fall. As for the price, it is still unknown. There are many rumors regarding this question, but it is most likely that the new 2015 Camry will cost between $25,000 and $33,000, depending on the detail you choose which concern trim level, engine options, additional equipment etc.

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