2015 Lexus LS Sedan Features — Changes & Improvements

By | 10/20/2014

The 2015 Lexus LS will come as a carryover model. The new sedan will have only some smaller changes to offer this time, but they can be considered important. Reportedly, the new model will keep its current appearance and powertrain, but the manufacturer will improve its interior and comfort to a quite an extent. Therefore, some may think that there is nothing new or significant going on for the LS, but we beg to differ. The new model will have a quite an impressive interior and the manufacturer’s desire to offer a functional, comfortable and beautiful cabin has pushed the limits to the next level. The new interior will surely attract more buyers, and though it may not boost the number of sales immensely, it will certainly make the Lexus fan fall in love with it even more. We could say that this is a textbook example of care and devotion of the manufacturer to its buyers. As for the powertrain and exterior, the sedan has been recently updated, so there were really no reasons for them to change anything here, at least for 2015 model year.

2015 Lexus LS Sedan

2015 Lexus LS Appearance

The 2015 Lexus LS is an elegant, modern and refined sedan. Its appearance was refreshed recently, so the manufacturer decided not to change a thing for the 2015 model year. However, one version of the sedan will receive a mild facelift. The 2015 Lexus LS F Sport will have a bit different front fascia and a 19-inch forged alloy wheels. Its exterior design will be a bit bolder and more aggressive in order to fully express its sporty attitude. This model will also be a bit lower than the regular one, thanks to the performance air suspension. The same model will also come with some interior changes. Aside from the updates all the version of the sedan will receive, the 2015 Lexus LS F Sport will come with a black interior design, which will look very modern and elegant. Aside from that, the 2015 LS sedan will keep its current look, which is far from being bad news. The current model looks very attractive and we are sure most of the buyers will simply love its smooth, refined and appealing design.

2015 Lexus LS Interior

Interior Changes & Technology Improvements

The 2015 Lexus LS will come with an updated interior. Unlike the exterior, which will remain the same, the cabin will be quite changed. The new sedan will be so improved interior-wise that it will be amazing. It is clear that the model belongs to higher classes of the vehicles, and the luxury, comfort and technology it brings are the sure sign that the manufacturer went all in to provide what’s best for its customers. Aside from the sleek and modern design, the interior will also hold some details and perks which will impress any buyer. The elegance of the cabin is finished by LED interior lights, and there are numerous other details which put the car in the luxury class. Also, its technology gadgets have been updated. There is now the latest generation of the Lexus Enform App Suite for entertainment, and a Remote app, which allows the driver to control various actions from a far, such as start/stop engine, climate control adjustment and lock/unlock doors. In addition, the 2015 Lexus LS will feature a new intelligent navigation system. This system can not only take you from point A to point B, but it also finds alternative routes for you to avoid traffic jams, and points out the nearest gas stations when you are low on fluid. Of course, the model will feature numerous more systems and gadgets. It would be obsolete to list them all now; we used these as an example of how advanced the new LS will be technologically-wise.

2015 Lexus LS Exterior

2015 Lexus LS Powertrain

The 2015 Lexus LS will carry over its current powertrain. There will be a 4.6-liter V8 engine that generates 386 horsepower and 367 lb-ft of torque. This unit will be paired with an eight-speed automatic gearbox. Another engine option is the 5.0-liter V8 mill which comes with an electric motor. This hybrid setup comes with the 2015 Lexus LS 600h L and it can generate 438 horsepower.

2015 Lexus LS Release

The 2015 Lexus LS should be released nearly next year. As for the price, there is no official information regarding this topic, but given the changes the new sedan brings, it shouldn’t go too much higher than the current one.

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