2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport SUV Details

By | 10/11/2014

The 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport is the new seven-seat SUV which is coming as a replacement of the LR2. The new model had its premiere at the 2014 Paris Auto Show. Its design is mostly based on the Range Rover Evoque, but it will also come with some details reserved only for it. The new model is elegant, powerful and smart. Its exterior and interior look quite elegant and modern, so it makes this model look like a quite urban SUV. However, the new Discovery Sport comes with various systems and gadgets which are there to improve its off-road behavior. Though this is not the best terrain vehicle offered on the market, or by Land Rover, it shouldn’t be neglected, either. The new Discovery Sport is actually a perfect SUV for all the urban drivers, as its behavior on the road and off of it is quite satisfactory. Also, the new model will have decent powertain setups, which will surely satisfy most of the buyers. As for the interior, expect all the standard equipment, enough comfort and luxury inside the new model. The new SUV will have a 5+2 seat arrangement.

2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport Side

2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport Appearance

The 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport will have an elegant and refined appearance. Its design will resemble the looks of the former LR2, but it will have a much more modern and appealing feel. Also, some details and lines are borrowed from the Range Rover Evoque concept, which is an excellent design work. As you can see on the photos, the new Discovery Sport will have a modern and bold design, but it will stay recognizable and traditional in a way. The lines and shape of the model make it look very modern and powerful, while the front and rear end design complete this feel. In addition, the new model can look even more stunning and powerful by using additional packs. The Black Pack comes with mirror caps, gloss black grille, a choice between 19- and 20-inch alloy wheels and new vents on the front fenders. In addition, there is a panoramic roof offered as an option, or the roof can be painted in Santorini Black or Corris Grey nuance.

2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport SUV

Aluminum Architecture

The new 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport will use an aluminum architecture which will provide it enough support without adding unnecessary weight. Also, this platform will be big enough to offer more than enough space inside the cabin for all seven passengers. In addition, aside from the aluminum, the model will also be made using high-strength steel and magnesium. The new SUV wheelbase will be 3.2 inches longer than the LR2’s, which will provide better stability and more space inside the vehicle. The basic architecture is borrowed from the aforementioned Evoque.

2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport Interior

As for the interior, the 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport will have a very luxurious cabin. The new model will come with leather upholstery for higher trims, while the basic one will have a partially leather interior. In addition, the new SUV will offer five different interior colors, 5-inch TFT instrument panel display, rotary controls, etc. these features all come with the basic trim level, which is fantastic. However, the higher trims are even more amazing. They feature a full-on leather upholstery, like we mentioned, an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment systems and numerous other details and gadgets, such as fantastic phone connectivity and mood lighting.

2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport Interior

Engine & Transmission

The 2015 Range Rover Discovery Sport will use a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that generates 240 horsepower and 250 lb-ft of torque. This unit is also borrowed from the Range Rover Evoque. It will use a nine-speed automatic gearbox and it will send the power to Haldex all-wheel drive exclusively. This will improve the SUV’s off-road performance. However, there are other parts which will contribute to the SUV’s terrain capabilities.

2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport Technology

The new model will have numerous driver assistance systems, such as Land Rover Terrain Response system. This system adjusts the vehicle to the condition below it. Also, it will feature a hill decent control, roll stability and dynamic stability systems, engine drag torque control, electronic traction control and numerous other similar systems. All these together enhance the excitement of driving the new SUV which may not be the best off-road model there is, but it surely is one of the most interesting.

2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport Front

Release And Estimated Price

The 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport will be released at the beginning of 2015. The price for this model should be set at around $39,000.

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