2015 Land Rover Defender Rumors

By | 04/30/2014

The 2015 Land Rover Defender will not only represent the new generation of this legendary SUV, but also it will be a brand new vehicle that will replace the old one without keeping it in the market. In fact, the current model will be redrawn from production far before the 2015 model reaches dealership showrooms. The new model will have a much more attractive and stylish appearance than its predecessor. It will also offer an extended list of equipment, especially when it comes to safety due to the new European regulations which concern this matter. In addition, the new generation will be lighter, built on the new PLA platform made entirely out of aluminum, which is a good step toward making this model an up-to-date one, instead of hiding and stubbornly keeping to some alleged tradition. Don’t get us wrong, if any model has tradition, it is this one, since it first appeared in 1948, but it is time to present this model in the light of the present, not past. This is just what the new generation should be about. Moreover, the 2015 model will offer some new aesthetical packages to meet everyone’s taste. However, due to some technological issues, the 2015 Defender will not be released next year, so the downsize to it is that we will have to wait quite some time for its release.


2015 Land Rover Defender Redesign

The new 2015 Land Rover Defender will be released as a 2016 model, like we said. It is said that the new model will significantly differ in appearance than its predecessor. At this point, we are unsure just how different it will be, or what precise features will it have restyled. Given that this news says it will be a massive redesign, we are somewhat unsure what to expect. Let’s just hope the manufacturer’s designers will realize just how important their task is and that they will manage to accomplish stylish, elegant and attractive look worthy of such legend.  As for additional external features, the new model will offer two packages to finish its looks, which will both be very luxurious and smooth. As for the interior, the main thing is the increased number of systems and gadgets it will obtain. The new model will have a number of new safety applications as well, due to the new regulations we mentioned earlier. The new model is most likely to be produced in the UK.


2015 Land Rover Defender V-8 Engine

As for the powertrain, there are no official announcements just yet. Some speculations, which we find to be plausible, but we can’t claim them completely true, say that the new 2015 Land Rover Defender will run on a 5.0-liter V-8 engine in the USA, while the European buyers will have the opportunity to choose between several diesel options. The new model will weigh less due to its new PLA platform, which is made out of aluminum and therefore much lighter than the old one. This should affect its performance in a good sense; a lighter vehicle is easier to handle, it has better fuel economy and its specs are more satisfying.

2015 Land Rover Defender Release And Estimated Price

As for the release date, it has already been mentioned that the 2015 Land Rover Defender will probably be released in the early 2016, if not at the end of the 2015 (but don’t get your hopes too high). As for the price, there are some estimations saying its entry level will cost around $40,000.

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