2015 Kia Soul EV Specs And Estimated Price

By | 03/27/2014

The 2015 Kia Soul had its premiere at this year’s Chicago Auto Show. It attracted many potential buyers who were amazed by its interesting look and, above all, fantastic specifications.  Even though it is a compact crossover, no one really sees it as an off-road vehicle. It is a car for cities, urban surroundings and drivers that enjoy such scenery. Given that this is an electric vehicle, it is no wonder why its sale will start first in Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Oregon, and California. The Kia had a very good vision of what this car should be. It is not the fastest or the most beautiful one, it is not versatile when it comes to off-road driving. So what should sell this crossover? Uniqueness, urban look, satisfying specs and the sense of standing out while driving it.


2015 Kia Soul EV Powertrain, Battery And Performance

As for the powertrain, the 2015 Kia Soul EV comes with AC synchronous magnetic electric motor which generates 109hp and a 210lb-ft of torque. The battery is a 27-kWh 93-cell lithium-ion polymer one. This EV comes with a constant-ratio single-speed transmission and a front-wheel drive. It can accelerate from 0 to 60mph in less than 12 seconds, according to some unofficial sources.  In addition, the battery lies beneath the floor under the passengers, which is a good solution. Its mass lowers the center of gravity and so improves the vehicle’s stability.


2015 Kia Soul EV Charging

The downside to this electric car is recharging and range. It takes 24 hours to fully recharge its battery using the conventional current, and with the full battery, the driving range is between 80 and 100 miles. We must admit, this is not a good score. With a 240-volt charger, the same action takes around 5 hours. In addition, if you use a 50-kW system, you will be able to charge you battery to 80% in 33min. Also, there are three ports – two AC conventional and one CHAdeMo for public charging. The last one is a 480-volt direct current recharge system, which charges the battery in 25 minutes. Its name stands for Charge de Move. Also, if you buy your Soul at the Kia dealership, you will be able to recharge it there for free. The 2015 Kia Soul also comes with Eco On and Eco Off options, for both drive and brake modes. When using these, you can save up to 12% of kinetic energy. Bosch, AeroVironment and Leviton will be the available charger brands.


2015 Kia Soul EV Redesign

The 2015 Kia Soul EV resembles the previous generation, but has a more subtle, sleek look. The improvements made on the 2015 model made it an attractive car while preserving the memory of the old version. The new model has a new grille and new rims, but its roof still remains available in only two colors: blue and white.  As for the interior, all of the 20 natural materials used inside of this car are environmentally friendly. The KIA Company really put a lot of effort into making this car green. Furthermore, the safety has been improved by the system which alarms the driver when the car is in a low speed or in reverse driving. This is to prevent the silent ride, which is often cause of accidents in electric vehicles.


2015 Kia Soul EV Availability And Estimated Price

As we already mentioned, the 2015 Kia Soul EV will be available in some parts of the USA first. Its sales start this summer there, while the rest of the world will have to wait until next year for this amazing EV. The expected price is around $30,000.

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