2015 Honda Jazz — Overseas Version of Honda Fit to Come with Essential Improvements & Better Specs

By | 03/01/2015

The Honda Jazz concept had its debut at the 2014 Paris Auto Show. Now, one year after this event, the wraps on the 2015 Honda Jazz have been taken off. The first thing you will notice about the new model is that it looks almost the same as the aforementioned concept. However, that doesn’t mean that the new 2015 Honda Jazz will be in any way not innovative or dull. In fact, the new hatchback offers some rather interesting changes regarding mostly its platform and performance, but it also comes with significantly improved cabin features and technology. So, it may look the same as the concept, but the new 2015 Honda Jazz is in fact a much better model than the current one. Of course, the new Jazz will be sold in Europe, so the specs listed here refer to this model, but similar; if not the same changes will happen to the new 2015 Honda Fit. Therefore, the premiere of the 2015 Honda Jazz at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show gives us a good insight in what we are in for with the new Fit.

2015 Honda Jazz Debut at 2015 Geneva Motor Show

2015 Honda Jazz Exterior Design & Platform Changes

The 2015 Honda Jazz will adopt the design of the Jazz concept mentioned earlier in almost all its entirety. The new hatchback will only have a bit different fog lights, but other than that, it is strikingly similar to the aforementioned concept. However, even though the new exterior design isn’t as new as some hoped; the platform most certainly is. The new 2015 Jazz will use the same global compact platform with the HR-V crossover. The new platform is significantly lighter than the current one, which means the new model will provide much better performance with no changes made to its powertrain setup. The platform also provides better support, meaning the model is more responsive, precise and easier to handle.

Interior & Technology

The 2015 Honda Jazz will not only use a new platform, it will also have a different configuration. The new model comes with the fuel tank positioned underneath the front seats, meaning there is more space inside the model and especially at the rear bench. The comfort inside the cabin is further more improved with 95 millimeters longer hatch, as well as the famous Honda Magic Seats. The seats can be folded in three ways with the configurations named Utility, Long and Tall. Also, the manufacturer stated that the new hatchback is the class-leading in space and comfort. The new platform we mentioned before also reduces the noise inside the cabin, making the drive inside even more pleasant and enjoyable.

2015 Honda Jazz Interior

As for the technology, the 2015 Honda Jazz will be fully equipped. The model will use Honda Connect infotainment system which uses a 5-inch LCD display as standard or an optional a seven-inch touchscreen, and it will also offer Internet Radio, optional Garvin Navigation and rear-time news and weather. Furthermore, the 2015 Jazz will also come with a remarkable list of safety systems. The list includes a Lane Departure Warning, Traffic Sign Recognition, High-beam Support, Intelligent Speed Assist etc. Some of these systems might not be offered in the USA with the Honda Fit, but most of them should be available.

2015 Honda Jazz Rear End

2015 Honda Jazz Powertrain Setup

The 2015 Honda Jazz will be powered by a 1.3-liter VTEC gasoline engine that can generate 101 horsepower that can be paired with either a new six-speed manual transmission or an optional CVT gearbox. There should also be a hybrid which will use a 1.5-liter mill and an electric motor. Its specs are currently unknown, but should be announced soon.

Release Date

The 2015 Honda Jazz had its debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The model should be released during this year, possibly in the summer.

Photos: Honda

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