2015 GMC Terrain Changes

By | 03/31/2014

The 2015 GMC Terrain is a full redesign of the model we already love. It will keep the engines and the platform it has been using so far, the same ones seen in the Chevrolet Equinox, and its style will resemble the one it has had since 2013. So what has changed so dramatically that we can call a major redesign? Well, even though it doesn’t seem like the improvements are radical, they round up all the minor ones made through the past couple of years. The concept of the 2015 look was used on the 2013 model, but now it has been fixed, improved and completed. This redesign, with some changes and upgrade here and there, is more of a round-up of all the little things added and removed on the models that fallowed the last big redesign. So naturally, if you liked this mid-size SUV in the past couple of years, you are bound to love the 2015 model.


Refreshed Appearance Of 2015 GMC Terrain

The 2015 GMC Terrain is definitely an SUV you must notice when it passes you on the street. This is not so much due to its refined look, but more because of its size and shape. This is one big, comfortable vehicle. The new model kept the look from 2013, like we said earlier, with some small modifications. The body lines haven’t changed drastically, so the Terrain still has its well-known, robust, almost boxy exterior. The grille is in an upright position, and the only soothing line is the one of the windshield. There are also a lot of chrome details. The manufacturer aimed for a powerful, menacing look while wishing to preserve a dose of elegance and style. We believe they succeeded in this attempt.  The new Terrain is definitely the same famous SUV with a new, modest twist.


2015 GMC Terrain Interior

As for the interior, the first thing that comes to our minds when we think about this SUV is space. The 2015 GMC Terrain has plenty of room for all its passengers. As it aims for a luxurious class, we believe not many information needs to be said regarding its equipment. It has only the best quality materials inside, and just about enough applications and gadgets to help you travel safely and enjoy the journey. Some of them, for example, are blind-spot detection, cross-traffic alert system, multi-functional steering wheel…  If you are still not convinced that it is luxurious enough for you taste, then go for the Denali trim. This trim offers even more, even though we truly believe the base level has more than enough equipment to satisfy your needs.


2015 GMC Terrain Engine Options

The 2015 GMC Terrain comes with two engines available. The first one is the 2.1-liter I-4 VVT DI engine with 182hp. There will also be a 3.6-liter V-6 SIDI VVT engine, which has not been used in this vehicle until the 2015 model. It generates an amazing 301hp. The transmission offered is the six-speed automatic. Unfortunately, this is the only option concerning this part of the powertrain. The 2015 Terrain will have a front-wheel drive and an all-wheel drive as an option.  As for the fuel consumption, it is very logical to expect the first engine to have a better one, given that the other one is more powerful and bigger. For now, official fuel consumption figures have not been announced. There is a possibility of a hybrid version, but this has not been confirmed yet.


2015 GMC Terrain Price

We estimate that the 2015 GMC Terrain will cost more or less as much as the previous version has. With that being said, the base level should cost around  $30,000, while the Denali trim should be at least $50,000.

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