2015 Dodge Journey Crossroad — Small Changes

By | 03/23/2014

The 2015 Dodge Journey Crossroad will come as a disappointment to all those who were hoping to see a complete makeover. To be honest, the new model look pretty much like the previous one. No drastic changes have been done to its appearance or its performance. This model is more likely made to fill the gap between the later one and the 2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad. The next model is said to bring the much needed upgrades which will be drastic, and will concern every aspect of the car. This is a much needed move from the Dodge Company, given that they haven’t made any significant update on this model since 2008. Which is good news, if you liked the previous car. Regardless, in the all-time changing market, success lies in keeping the pace. The new Journey Crossroad brings small modifications, better look and the anticipation of the next year’s version.


2015 Dodge Journey Crossroad Improvements

As for the appearance, the new 2015 Dodge Journey Crossroad certainly brings more innovations than its predecessor. Its new look contains new fascia, chrome stripes on the sides and a new grille. Its fascia resembles a little to  the Fiat Freemont, which is a European version of this car. But other changes definitely set them apart. In addition, the 2015 model will be equipped with new 19-inch wheels. On the other hand, the interior suffer changes that can freely be considered insignificant. It is still a spacious, comfortable vehicle , but there are other demands this mid-size crossover should fulfill in order to stay component.


2015 Dodge Journey Crossroad Engines Carried Over

There have been absolutely no changes concerning engines. The 2015 Dodge Journey Crossroad has the same two engines previous models had. The first option is a 4-cylinder 2.4-liter DOHC engine with front-wheel drive  which generates 173hp  at 6000rpm and 166lb-ft at 4000rpm. This comes with an old 4-speed automatic transmission which is in desperate need of an update. The second engine is a 3.6-liter V-6 DOHC flex-fuel engine with a all-wheel drive and a 6-speed automatic. The problem with this motors is the fuel consumption. The first one needs 19mpg/26mpg (city/highway). The second one comes as a better solution, with figure at 16mpg/24mpg (city/highway).

Price And Release Date Of The 2015 Dodge Journey Crossroad

The 2015 Dodge Journey Crossroad is $26,000. It will be offered in four trim levels, which is practically a tradition. Trim levels are the same as always: SE, SXT, Limited and R/T. Even though this Journey model didn’t bring much excitement, that won’t be said for the 2016 model. It is expected to have a new engine and will have the same platform as the 2015 Chrysler 200 and Jeep Cherokee. Another difference between that and the 2015 model is the fact it won’t be made in Mexico. It is most likely to be produced in Michigan and it will be released at the beginning of 2016.

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